Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just had a thought...

Admitting that I am behind on my devotianals but also had something come to mind as I was doing the one for December 25.

Christmas is all about the birth of Christ, but we get so caught up in the comericalization of Christmas that it's easy to loose sight of what is true. I am issuing a challenge to you, and a project now for me. I think that we should all have a manger sitting next to our Christmas tree - one that is empty (doesn't have to be huge). Then when we get up on Christmas morning to open the presents and see just what we all are getting for Christmas and what was brought to us after we went to sleep, we can then see the baby in the manger and truly understand that Jesus is the greatest gift that we could get for Christmas.
JESUS...GOD'S GREATEST GIFT Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Converstaion with Ethan

Last night my family went shopping, leaving me at home. Well it was super hard to let me hand over the reigns of stuffing the stocking to my husband, but I gave him the list. My children all know that they will find toothpaste, a toothbrush, deoderant, shampoo and this type of goodies in their stocking for Christmas. So they all left after Crickette got back last night at 9:00 PM. This seems to be the magical hour this week for shopping.

Well I had to think about what I was going to do without them for a couple of hours, but I played on the computer till the battery ran out, watched some taped episodes on TV and then finished putting things back in order in the kitchen. Yesterday I cleaned out the closet in the half bath and cleaned out the drawers in the kitchen. I hung a few things on the wall that had been packed up on boxes for 2 years. Guess this means I may be staying here.

After they got back it was time for Ethan to sleep. Since his brother is home, there is no spare bed. Crickette normally stays in the basement (well there are two bedrooms and a bath down there) and right now the heat isn't fixed so she is staying in Ethan's room. So munchkin is sleeping with us. So I get into bed with him my first question was "Did Daddy buy me anything?" But I stopped him, I know Ethan will tell, but he did get out, I am not really sure... Hmm.... So he informs me that he got to play Kinect in the store and how much fun it was. So I ask him if he would rather have the Kinect more than getting WII games and he said yes! So this Christmas will really be fun. He came in the house yesterday and was all excited about the Grinch being on and basically was trying to figure out what was going to happen, and he is SO enjoying Christmas this year.  Oh, back to the conversation. I was asking him what he wanted for Christmas and he was telling me all sorts of things and then he ask - what do you want for Christmas. I told him mine was under the tree, all I wanted this year was a Cricut. Well he proceeded to tell me that I couldn't just ask for one thing for Christmas, I had to want more. That is so funny. He said don't you want other scrapbook things? So I had to tell him yes. Then he seemed to be fine. I told him we had to stop talking so I could go to sleep, he told me to just close my eyes while he talked so I could rest. That child~~

So Paxston brought out the Kinect again  last night and Crickette is now loving it. Can't wait to see Amber's moves!! This is going to be so much fun!!!

Have a great Tuesday....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Monday Morning...

Well as good as it can be. I went shopping last night at 9:30 PM - yes that is right! I went with Chris and Paxston and the main goal was to get to Toys-R-Us for Ethan's Christmas. We sent to Kohl's, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us. And I didn't get in the bed till 2:30 AM. So dragging a bit today.

Paxston was having a fit to get Ethan the Kinect for the X-Box. I must say that when we got home Paxston had to try it out and it is something else. We did play the game Dance Central

Talk about laughing - and I was the WINNER!!

We had a blast and will have more fun with the family!!

Got Paxston at the airport on Friday. I was emotional before entering the building. A busload of soldiers was getting off! We did clap for them as they came throught the airport. P was so cute in his uniform and one lady came up to him and thanked him for his service to our country!

Got had a great time with family in Alabama. Tradition had changed and we had STEAK for Christmas dinner! WOO HOO - nobody loves steak more than me. I didn't eat but two small sides so I could enjoy my steak (and a half). And yes I ate another steak for breakfast before we left!! Yum Yum.

Saturday after our family time I decided I needed to spend the money I got so off to Dothan to find me a WAR EAGLE shirt. Found one at Dick's that I loved!!

Well on the front table here is the shirt and a sign almost touching it that says $17.99.  I see another gentleman talking to a salesperson and she was telling them that they had short sleeve shirts for 17.99 but they were out. I called her over to ask about the sign in front of this shirt and the 20 shirts laying on the table. She said that they we not on sale, the sign was for S/S (short sleeved). I told her that the sign was directly in front of this shirt and how were we suppose to know the code. I thought that we should bet the shirt for 17.99. She called another girl over - her name is Catherine. Well she informed me that the shirt was not on sale. I told her that the sign was directly in front of the shirt and that looks like false advertising. Again saying that we should get the shirt for 17.99. By this time the gentleman was getting ready to leave. I looked at him and told him to get his shirt, we were getting it on sale!!! Well Catharine walks up to the counter and whatever was in her hand, she flung it at the salesperson and said (ADD ATTITUDE HERE) Fine, give it to them for 17.99. So they sold us 3 shirts for the sale price. I ask if Catharine was a manager and she said no. I will be calling the store! (I called this morning and let him know - he apologized and wanted to make sure we got it at the sale price)  As we were leaving the gentleman passed by us and pointed saying Thank You and smiled!

So we are back to "normal" if there is such a thing. I am technically finished shopping and ready to enjoy my family. I did post picutres of my ornaments on my FB page, will tell the story here a bit later.

Have a great week!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ethan gets a phone call from Santa....

On the way home Saturday, I had a friend (Deana) send me a text asking if Ethan could get a phone call from Santa, I said sure and told her to send it to the cell phone, we were traveling home.

I had to stop at the post office so I told Ethan to make sure he answered the phone if it rang. You should have seen the look on his face when I got back in the car. He was listening to the call and had the neatest smile on his face.

Now let me back up to Friday night: When we were trying to go to sleep, he ask me if Santa was real. Before I could say anthing he ask if elves were real. Then he proceedes to answer is questions and said he believed that elves were real, they just had to be.

Now back to the call: I ask him who was on the phone and his eyes lit up and he said Santa! He continued to listen. When the call was over he let me know that Santa called just for him, that he knew his name. And said that Santa knew that he was a good second grader because Amber told Santa. He said that Santa would be leaving him a new toy on Christmas morning and he had to leave milk and cookies! He was just amazed that he got the call. When it was over we were going down the road and Ethan says, "I knew he was real!"

Several times during the day he would be just smiling and then say, you know why I am so happy? I would say, "No, why?" Then he would say, "Because I got a phone call from Santa!"

This Christmas will be fun, especially when he sees that box with a big red bow and tag that says To: Ethan and his very own puppy is inside!

If you want to send a call from Santa visit:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Well Hello again!

It's been a while and yes I have been enjoying that ballgame. Gotta get Kay ready for one more poem!!

Hat's off to my Auburn Tigers for being the SEC Champions, now on to the National Championship. It will be great for Alabama to have back to back champions! And congrats to Cam Newton - Heisman winnner. I had a friend that said she didn't like my quarterbacks arrogance, I just had to remind her that we all have many faults. I have to admit, if I was that great I would be arrogant too.

After the ballgame I didn't get to go to church that Sunday because Ethan had started running a fever on Friday night. Just a low grade fever and no othr symptoms. We notice by Monday that it was only late in afternoon and night that he ran it. He missed Monday and Tuesday with school. He went to school on Wednesday but ran fever that night. After that it never came back. Must have been a virus!

I think that my vertigo is FINALLY gone. I had it for four weeks. Now it wasn't too bad. It was localized to a head tilt to the left and then laying down, so it was tolerable!

Friday night I traveled to Charlotte to Elke's to use her Cricut (mine was wrapped and under the tree) so that I could make ornaments. It was just me, Elke, Lisa and Laura. What a great time of fellowship for me.

Saturday, I had to do a little catch-up from work and get the bulletins done. After that I told Chris that we needed to do something fun with Ethan, so we went to Toy-r-us so that we could get an idea of toys for him. It was fun and he was very excited. Wow at the toys out there!!

Sunday we celebrated 24 years of marriage. After church Chris took a nap and Crickette came home from Charlotte after giving Amber a makeover. Well I decided to see if I could get the fireplace lit, we couldn't get it done on Thursday. As I was leaning over I lit the lighter, well obviosly I had too much hair product in my hair and WHOOSH - I had fire in my hair!! I dropped the lighter and clapped out the fire. Talk about the worst smell in the world! Now I know how Michael Jackson felt. Yes we got a good laugh and I told Crickette to get the scissors...time for my makeover! We also colored my hair. I love my layers.

I am so excited about this week, Paxston comes home! We pick him up at the airport on Friday and then we will head to Alabama for the weekend. It's been very cold here and we had a few flurries last night, maybe snow will come this year! Stay warm! See you later.

Gotta fill you in on the Christmas tree and Ethan's phone call from Santa - check in tomorrow!

This weekend we celebrated 24 years of marriage.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

T'was the 4th of December

USC vs Auburn Pictures, Images and Photos
T'was the 4th of December

by Kay Singletary

Twas the 4th of December, was a chill in the air
He was headed to Atlanta, flags flying everywhere
He’d come from a place that was not used to fame
They had never been champs, never placed in this game

He wanted so badly to show all his peers
To quite all their laughter, their taunting, their jeers
He was thinking he had this, no doubt in his mind
The trophy was his, he would rule all mankind

He pulled thru the gates of that great Georgia Dome
Thinking only of the victory that would soon be his own
When out of the corner of his eye he did see
The one thing that stood between him and victory

He thought to himself…oh dear Lord this can’t be,
I thought they had benched him, why’d you do this to me!
They told me that he was not eligible to play…
I’d banked on that statement from the NCAA

He turned toward the field with his heart sinking low
He wondered if he could just cancel this show
His feathers were ruffled, he couldn’t even talk
He no longer strutted, he barely could walk

He’d never felt worse, his knees almost locked
He certainly didn’t feel like a Fighting Game Cock
The sight he’d just witnessed put an end to his dream
They were tougher, and harder…. a greater ball team

Then before he could stop, he threw his visor on the ground
Old habits die hard… always find their way back ‘round
He took one more glance at that bird, so grand and regal
Raised his hand in salute, and shouted out…….WAR CAM EAGLE!!!

I sent a message to Kay and told her if she would write us another one, I would blog about it! Now all my South Carolina fans can see!! Thanks Kay!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Okay - it was the weekend that I had been waiting on and Friday was good and Crazy!

Thanksgiving was good. We traveled to Waxhaw to be with Amber. We drove separately so that Crickette and I could stay behind for Black Friday. Amber did a FANTASTIC job on the turkey. The table was set with her fine china and was very inviting! I took my dressing, a ham, dirty rice and Crickette fixed Monkey Bread. With the combination of Amber's goodies, we had a feast!

After dinner Chris and Ethan head home and Steven heads out with his brother to grab us a newspaper for the sales paper.

We lay it out on the table and begin to write down our plan of action. The main item that I wanted from Wal-mart was my Cricut Expressions. It's what I will use for scrapbooking and making other wonderful crafts and gifts!! Well Wal-mart was pretty busy at 10:00 PM. We were amazed that the pallets were out with our goodies so all you had to do was place your item in your buggy and wait till 12:01 to purchase. We never could find the Cricut, so I had a back up plan. Jamie (friend) was at the WM in Boiling Springs and she pick up mine and hers. I told her we would wait till midnight and if I didn't have mine she could buy it. At 10 after they had till not put out the pallet of Circuts, so Jamie has mine - PURPLE!! She got the teal one.
After Wal-mart, Crickette went back to Ambers for shut eye since she had to work that morning. Off to Old Navy we went. It was pretty packed, so I got in line and let Amber do her shopping, I was nearing the front when she finished, so that went well! Managed to grab a few more gifts here!

We proceeded to Target - our last stop. It's was a little nippy outside, but not unbearable! We sat outside for 2 hours. The people in line were entertaining. Especially the ones in the tents. When the line proceeded to pack in a little tighter, she got out of tent, grabbed it and moved it up. She really should have just packed it away. The people with the smaller children really got the looks! It was funny to watch the crowds as the doors opened and our line started moving. People that showed up close to 4:00 am, just thought they would step on into the line, but buddy the line just shouted like crazy at them informing them they would not be getting near any of us! WOW....heard the cops had to be called at Toys-r-us. We were in and out of Target in 22 minutes! Woo Hoo. Shopping is mostly done.

After getting back to Amber's, I decided no nap so we headed back home. I pulled in the driveway a few minutes after 6:00 am. Yes extremely tired!! All I slept was for 4 hours. I got up and went to chiropractor then took Crickette lunch since she was working alone. I did scoot over to Hobby Lobby and pick up two more gifts! Back home and thinking of a nap...

Well that didn't work since it was getting time for the ballgame. Chris had a funeral to attend, so I taped the game and said I would not watch it or even check facebook to cheat and know what was happening. We started the game an hour later. Talk about nail biting. I was the one doing the screaming at the beginning of the game. Wondering where the Auburn tigers were, they sure weren't playing like the team we have all seen before (but then we are the comeback team). The second half was very interesting and I must say that when the game was over I did not get penalized for excessive celebrating! We are not very "in your face - look my team won" kind of people! (but they were at church the next morning, talking about next Saturday's game)

So I did get to catch up on facebook and see what all the posting was about. We caught up live in the last 2 minutes! I did see a post from Dr. B (doctor from hometown) who stated:
‎*** As Auburn players gathered on the field for their
pregame walk troughs, the Bryant-Denny Stadium speakers blared "Take
the Money and Run" by Steve Miller Band and followed that with "Son of
a Preacher Man" by Dusty Springfield. *** Auburn players were booed while they prayed on the field.*** I would say "stay classy ...bama" but that assumes too much.
This picture was taken by Dr. B at the game too.

Hmm. Hope Amber sees this to know that there are these type of people at every stadium, not just South Carolina. But all she dealt with was the fans, she didn't have the music blaring over the loudspeakers. Thought that was a bit tasteless. But they are everywhere!

Saturday consisted of putting up the tree. Will post pictures later. The middle section of my pre-lit tree did not work, so off to Wal-mart to buy lights! The tree is up and decorated, there are tons of ornaments. I even decided to just not put some of them on there. The first time ever I have looked at my tree and thought, maybe there are too many ornaments. There is a story to tell and nobody knows the story. Nobody really wanted to help me put ornaments on and I had decided this year that I would let them help me. Now if I can just find my stocking holders. There seems to be a box of Christmas goodies that is hiding from me!

Hope you had an awesome weekend. We finished ours off with the Hanging of the Greens at the church. It's was beautiful! The church looks so pretty decorated. We had fun getting all the trees up and garland hung that afternoon. We also got very entertained at Hardees. Crickette said we had dinner and a show. The girls behind the counter we very loud in their conversations (about their lives) so we got to hear. The first girl started with "so are you really going to divorce your husband?". Then then we hear another say, "You tell me your story, I will tell you mine"...

Enjoy your week. Only 19 more days and we get to see Paxston!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Twas the Night Before the Iron Bowl....

Kay Singletary wrote this and posted on Facebook. I wanted all my other friends to see it. This is just too cute!! Thanks Kay

Twas the night before the Iron Bowl, and Saban couldn’t rest
For fear of the terror en-route to his nest
He’s holding Big Al and they both start to shake
The rumble has started, the earth start to quake
He whispers so softly “Al where can we hide”
I don’t like this feeling, it scares me inside
The buses pull up..shining... orange and blue
The doors open wide and out steps “#2”
With nerves all a gitter, Ol Saban can only stare
He cannot believe what has come from Jordan-Hare
Big Al turns to Saban and says “Is that him..
The big one, the tall one, the one with the grin?”
With all of his might Saban gets to his feet
His hair all a flutter..not parted and neat
He turns to the door, shoulders slumped, head hung low
He knows it for sure now, it’s time he should go
His ego is shattered his spirit is down

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We did not make our goal of 350 - well technically we did. With all our small groups we did have 390 people attend, but he had 54 that attended more that one small group or Sunday school so we could technically only count them one so we got 336. It was still great to know that people were reaching out. Now if we could just do this every week and not on a special Sunday.

Hope your middle of the week is great!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Well it was an awesome weekend. Chesnee won their football game and will continue in the playoffs. The game was great and the weather was FREEZING!!! But we stayed till the end and cheered them on. This week the game will be three hours away so we will stay home.

Saturday I was busy painting the wheel for the Wheel of Fortune game to be played in King's Stadium in Kidztown. It took almost all day! Chris not only brought my favorite lunch over from Fuji's, he brought me a dozen Lavender Roses! Made my day. I did take time out to watch Alabama play. Now I have to admit it. I have cheered for Alabama two times this year and they lost each time. I wonder if Chris really wants me to pull for Alabama. I may have to try it again this time and see what happens. If so I just might have to buy an Alabama jersey for the last game. (add laughing here)

Sunday we had High Attendance. We are going to be very close to our goal of 350! The sanctuary was PACKED. They said maybe 20 seats left. Chris thought of about 40 people that were out yesterday. This is a great problem to have! It's amazing to see how God has grown this church in two years. Our 2 year anniversary is coming up December 1. Time is flying by.

So I hope you have a great start to the week! I am looking forward to it!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another WOW

We had a not so small group last night - 52!!! We definately helped to our High Attendance this week.

Getting excited about our Chesnee High School football game tonight. The starting road to the playoffs! Woo Hoo. We fed the football team breakfast at the church this morning. Ethan was excited to get to go.

Busy weekend. Getting ready for the next lesson at Kidztown. I have to paint the wheel for the Wheel of Fortune game. The kids are going to LOVE it!Oh yea, I haven't posted the pictures. Here are a few. Open House is this Sunday after the morning service.

King's Stadium (The Game Room) last month game was a big version of Candyland. Where the kids wore hats because they themselves were the game pieces! Studio 3:16 (Drama Room) The says the Bible Story from Luke acted out before them!
Hallway - taking you to Kidztown
The Alley - this is the gathering room for the kids. We have Wii's for them to play. That is Ethan in the white sweater, most likely playing Mario!

Oh and how exciting is this - we will baptize about 20 on Sunday Night!! Praise the Lord!! It's so awesome seeing God at work!!

Tomorrow is Football Saturday. Will be a fun day at our house!
Auburn Tigers Pictures, Images and Photos
Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Preacher's Wife...

Do you often wonder about her? Do you take time to get to know her? What is life like in the role of the preachers wife? Here is a snippit for you.

Each church is completely different. The people are always different, yet the same. The have a tendency to think that there are clicks with the wife, when in reality, nobody has truly taken the time to even get to know her. In two years she (alone) has been invited out to lunch five times, only once been ask to go shopping once. The years before that again less than five. You may see her with other people, but she has been the one to ask them if they want to do something.

She spends her time focused on her family. Why? Because most all of the time she is having to defend them and feels the need to protect them. She seems to have to constantly remind them of what they need to do or not need to be doing. Do you not think she knows that she has a very, very hyper child. Do you really think that she needs to be constantly reminded about it, even though you are laughing when you are reminding her, do you even think of how it makes her feel? In 7 years he has had a broken foot, 16 stitches an allergic rash to medication and a surgery for a staff infection - he received one get well soon card. She is a human being too, that is her child.

What are holidays like at her house? Does the family go back to their family? Sometimes they are forgotten. They are part of the church family, but very often overlooked. Sometimes they get to share events with others, and that does make them feel like they belong, a little. She will tell you that she has has two awesome vacations with church members, this in 19 years of ministry. Even she thinks back to what life was like before she was the preacher's wife, she was just a church member, and she realizes then that she too didn't take the time to get to know the wife, sure she had them both over for supper but she never really took time to know them. Most preachers are far away from their families.

What happens when her family is in the hospital? Who does she get visits from? Well when her mom was in the hospital, two families came to see her. Her mother went into the hospital on a Monday and died on Saturday. At the next church people from the church seemed to just wait as her mother-in-law was at the end of her life too (almost two weeks). They waited till after she had passed to bring the food and show they cared. Think about their suffering too. They are human, their needs are real too. They don't have a pastor to be there for them when they are in the hospital or have a death. She gives her husband to families over and over, because that is the right thing to do. She doesn't think back and say, but they didn't do it for us. She had a baby, how many people came to the hosptial to see her? Three.

This was just food for thought. And remember, she knows when you are being honest and sometimes that thought of "is this true or are they wanting to fish for information" will be going through her mind. Is it right? No, but that is just how it is.

Again I say, some churches are different, but some issues are the same. She knows that she has been truly blessed in every place she has been, that God has placed them there for a specific reason, and she can tell you exactly what that reason was. But do you even know about it? When was the last time she knew that you were not like the rest of the people, that you were genuinely caring about her and her family?

A book can be written about her journey along the way and probably does need to be written, as encouragement to that pastor's wife, There is Life being the Wife...of a Preacher. She needs to know that the church she is in is the place that God has for her, that He needs her to be there. He wants to use her and will use her. There are great people in the church and she needs to trust that God will put them in her life when she needs them most.

Monday, November 1, 2010

We went Pink!

Well October is Over - I have no idea where it went. I did something pretty bold that month. I went PINK!

Because my mom had breast cancer, I went with the pink in my hair! This picture was taken the day I did it and Crickette wanted to fix my hair for me to go to the ballgame.
Crickette went Pink first - they did it at school. This was just before I did mine. Notice my sweater!! Again I say WAR CAM EAGLE!! Woo Hoo!! What a season.

Yesterday Buck Creek went Pink! It was great to see all the people participate by wearing Pink. Even God participated.

We had an incredible fall festival last night. That was when I took the picture of the pink sky. We had several hundred people here, glad we had it outside, there is no way we could have housed them in the gym.
I'll have to take a picture of the "cake walk" prize that I won. I got behind a friend to walk and told her that I would take her number. Guess what - I was the very first winner! So I picked out what I wanted - the gift that I took! I made a Christmas wreath, 2 sets of beaded spoons and then bought a "Believe" plaque from Hobby Lobby. I took home the plaque. I had already hung it on my kitchen wall to see how it looked - PERFECT!!

Got lots more to share - so see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


cam newton Pictures, Images and Photos

WOW - we are #1! The last poll I saw they had moved us to #3 and I was happy with that. But yes a little nervous about the #1 spot. Why you ask? Because the last three teams that have been in the #1 position have lost! This week is again Ole Miss. My mom's favorite team, well before Auburn. So we will just wait till Saturday and enjoy the game!

Friday, October 22, 2010


We had 32 at our small group last night! It was the best yet. The kids were great!! It was a GREAT DAY!!

Have a great weekend.

I will be sweating tomorrow! Auburn vs. LSU - one team will still be undefeated!
War Eagle! Pictures, Images and Photos
WAR EAGLE Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Small Group Thursday!

Thursday Pictures, Images and Photos
I love Thursdays! It's when a "small" group of people come over to our house and we eat together, fellowship and study God's Word together. It's applying what God has called us to do and doing it!

I have been amazed at week by week how God is working in all of our lives. There are some Thursday's that we are not all there, but God knows just who needs to be there and works in awesome ways.

If you are not involved in a small group, I encourage you to get plugged in. If you don't have them in your church, talk to your pastor about starting one. It's a great way to get those who are not involved in a Sunday School involved in just more than coming to church.

My prayer is that you have an awesome day. When I got to church this morning (I am the church secretary) God shared a wonderful view of His creation with me. There is nothing better than living where I do and getting to enjoy what He had created. The fog is coming off of the lake that is just down the hill from us.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Terrific Tuesday...

Terrific Tuesday Pictures, Images and Photos
Well probably not, but lets pretend that it could be! Why not?

Found out yesterday that Crickette can't get off the weekend we want to go see Paxston. This is a bummer! I was so looking forward to her also going with us. It was her weekend to be off originially but she told her manager she would work for her on Sunday so that she could get her little boys pictures made. When she ask the manager for the time off, she told her it wasn't enough time in advance. HMM... I told Crickette to tell her she changed her mind and that she would not work for her, she needs to make an appointment on her day off. But Crickette is thinking that she might get fired if she does. Crickette is looking for another job and I am praying that she gets one so she can have that weekend off and that the manager will have to reschedule pictures! Yes I said it!

I have found another TV show that I absolutely LOVE! It's called Chase - U.S. Marshal Annie Frost heads up a special unit that tracks down fugitives in Texas.

Right now the three others that I also LOVE LOVE LOVE are taking a little break.
Covert Affairs (which has the girl from Coyote Ugly) - A CIA linguistics specialist winds up working with her ex-boyfriend.

White Collar - After being released from prison, all a former con man wants to do is reunite with his girlfriend. Instead, he's coerced by the FBI into helping them nab other con artists.

Dark Blue (Dillan McDermott) - Drama examining the LAPD cops in an undercover crime-fighting unit who struggle to do their jobs and resist the temptation of easy corruption.

I see a theme here....and guess that is why I also like to watch Castle - When someone starts using his books as the blueprints for brutal murders, a mystery novelist begins assisting the NYPD with some of their homicide cases, whether they want his help or not.

I did try to read the book that Castle wrote, but just couldn't get into it. I think because of the language used.

So that's enough for today. Have a Terrific Tuesday!! It's really up to you!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend of the Blahs....

This picture was what helped me come out of my BLAH weekend. I guess it started when my husband told me to call a friend on the weekend of Nov. 7, and go visit. Well she was keeping her nieces so I called Amber to see about a visit. She has Small Group on Friday nights at her house, so that was out (I LOVE that she has Small Group!!!) so I just got the poochie mouth about not having something to do and was feeling all alone!

We did have friends that wanted us to take a trip on the motorcycle after the Pig Pickin' (where we have cooked BBQ all night at the church and feed to the community for FREE on Saturday), but I just didn't want to do anything that day. I would talk to others about Paxston and just get teary eyed, missing him. So my husband calls Paxston and sees when his long weekend end and guess what - Nov 7 weekend.
AU orange Pictures, Images and Photos
I did stay home and watch my team AUBURN play some awesome football. Glad I didn't miss that game!! I still can't believe that 108 points were scored during the game. We have an AWESOME offense (WAR CAM EAGLE) but a not do great defense. This morning we were ranked #5. Undefeated so far. We were picked early on by one guy and he got laughed at! HMM. So at least here I can toot my horn about being an Auburn Fan!! A very Proud Auburn fan. Yes there are several games to go, but guess what, no matter what this season holds, I will still be a proud Auburn fan! I had taped the game and as we were watching it, it stopped and said play from beginning or erase. I was thinking "WHAT?", the taping ended with 11 minutes left in 4th quarter. We had paused it a couple of times, so the real time (since it would not continue) was only 3 minutes left in the game and now we were ahead by 3 touchdowns and not just a few points. Glad I got to skip the stressing part! Again I say WAR CAM EAGLE!!
Cam Newton Auburn Pictures, Images and Photos

So we now have made a plan to go visit Paxston that weekend. Crickette is trying to get off so she and I can drive to Great Lakes. We will be taking Ethan. I ask Amber if she could get off on that Friday and she said yes, so it will be a road trip with my girls and little guy to see our big guy! That is just icing on the cake. Yes its sad that Chris can't go with us, but it will be High Attendance Sunday and he needs to be here when we reach our goal of 350 for Sunday School!!

Amber went to visit Steven this weekend in Atlanta where he is in training and she stopped back by on her way home to get her "hair did". She was feeling a little adventurous and wanted to dye her hair darker. She got it!! She was so funny afterwards saying she really didn't know how she felt about it. She has never been dark brown before. It looks great on her and she wasn't knocking that fact that her sister colored her hair. I told her she would be doing double takes in the mirror. I can't wait to hear how the pups reacted to it.

So I am ready to tackle Monday!! It's going to be a busy week again. But I am getting to it! Have a great week!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Know Your The Pastor's Wife When....

I found these thoughts on two different websites - they are listed at the bottom. My comments are in purple! Enjoy.

1.You know you’re a pastor’s wife when…you are rarely referred to by your given name. You are most often “The Pastor’s Wife” or a variation on that theme (“Pastor ______’s Wife,” “Married to the Pastor,” etc.). You may even be called “The First Lady” (which I find personally unnerving—I don’t know why). (This has never bothered me, except when I was called that in front of a former pastor's wife of the church we were serving) In our church, there’s a guy from Brooklyn, NY who calls me “The Underboss.” Now THAT I can handle. (This would unnerve me!)
2.You know you’re a pastor’s wife when…people act weird around you. I was once in a conversation with a group of adults when one woman said, “Yeah, I haven’t been to church in a while.” As soon as she said it, she looked at me with an “I’ve been caught” look and then she said, “Oops…busted.” For the record, I don’t take attendance. I am not a babysitter. And my general feeling is that adults can and should make their own decision about if and when they attend church. Heck, it takes all my energy to make sure I make it to church let alone the rest of the population. ( I usually want to throw in "It's not me you should worry about!")
3.You know you’re a pastor’s wife when…you relate best to anyone NOT in your church. This is largely due to #2, however it’s also because you don’t know how to deal with the I – have – no – idea – how – much – to – share – with – you – about – my – personal – life – because – it – will – most – likely – involve – issues – about – my – husband – leaving – his – underwear – around – (or something similar) – and – my – husband – is – your – pastor – and – you – probably – don’t – want – to – hear – about – his – underwear. (And this has been in every church we have been at! My best friends are not church members...need to clarify that, they are not church members at the church I am serving at, they might get offended with me saying they are not church members...HA HA . And if you are friends with current church members they swear that when my husband uses an illustration that could possibly resemble something in their lives, they get mad at ME - I will share about being a LOYAL friend later!!)
4.You know you’re a pastor’s wife when…you wish you had a dime for every time someone claims your husband said something that he never said. If you did, you would be a very, very rich woman. And if you had another dime for every time what he supposedly said was ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS and UTTERLY STUPID, you’d double your money. (We would be taking very expensive vacations!!)
5.You know you’re a pastor’s wife when…”rich” (monetarily speaking) is not in your vocabulary. Never has been. Never will. (We have to remember that our reward is on the other side - my mansion will be in heaven - but the house I live in now is pretty awesome!)
6.You know you’re a pastor’s wife when…you’re either extremely uncomfortable or extremely gleeful (depending on your personality) when you’re in a conversation with someone who uses lots of four-letter words and then asks you the question, “So, what does your husband do?”
(Got that one before, and then they apologize for what they just said! They look at you very different when they know your husband is a pastor)
7. Everyone at church knows your name, address and phone number by heart. And you are still struggling to remember every person's name and how they are related to each other. (Absolutely - and I hate it when I call somebody by the wrong name! I hate it when they call the house thinking they have the church, asking what time the service starts...)
8. Everyone asks you how you are feeling and how you like the weather, but the conversation will never get deeper than that. (OH YES!)
9. People are always asking if you want their old couch, extra bed, lawn chairs, etc. etc. (Wait, the 27 inch TV downstairs is pretty awesome - and we have three empty rooms furnished! I know that over our 20 years of ministry we have give away a HOUSE full of furniture, God has blessed us by giving back - it's been very nice items that we have received)
10. Your children know exactly what you are talking about when you mention church, and run up to the building as excited as if it were home. (Funny - I had one child that I didn't visit churches when Chris went to preach because he didn't like the change!)
11. When you have a baby you are showered with gifts and cards and over a weeks worth of meals, but you have no one to help around the house or babysit your children. (HA HA - TRUE but we have been blessed a few times!)
12. Everyone else talks about their family parties, get-togethers, dinners and Christmas gifts and then they ask what you are doing for Christmas and all you can say is "church". (This really should be at the top of the list! Pastor's do not normally live anywhere near family. But I will say that we have been blessed to get to enjoy some functions - we are not always shut out, but some holidays we are)
13. Everyone says how nice it must be that your husband has "flexible" hours and can "drop by to help you out whenever you need it". And you can't explain that even though you live close to the church and you husband can make it home for lunch almost every day, he works every weekend and holiday, is on call for hospital visits or counseling at anytime, and he is gone at meetings 3 out of 7 nights a week, sometimes more. (Where is the local support group we need to start?)
14. You can call someone from church whenever something in the Parsonage breaks down and they will come and fix it in a day or 2. Umm.....I don't need to say anything here, I have a ceiling that leaked last night.... :-)
15. People randomly show up at your door (usually just as your toddlers have stripped their clothes off and emptied the garbage can) to check on something in the house, drop something off, ask the pastor something, etc.etc. (Not all churches have been that way, but most have. For some reason those people think that you are renting and they need to inspect to make sure you are doing what you should - and seriously who puts white/cream carpet in the parsonage - oh yea, the women who love it but don't want to clean it, they get put on the decorating committe and think it's a lovely idea)
16. You can't mention any questions or doubts about the particular "brand" of church you are serving. You have to be 100% party-line or you could cause major problems in the faith lives of church members. (Laughing here)
17 . You feel a strange sense of loyalty and concern for the people you are serving, even though you know that in a few years when you leave they will forget all about you in a few months time.
(Absolutely, that is what we are called to do - and when we do leave, some will forget but others will be talking for the next few years, "Well the last preacher's wife...." how many times have we heard this?)
18. You know you are the preachers wife when you wonder what will be ask of you when you are invited to lunch!!

These were found at: (my link button doesn't work - sorry)


What is it like being the preacher's wife?

I am often ask what it is like being the preachers wife, I just say it's good. There are days that I want to just open up and let it fly. Out of all the hats that I wear, this is the hardest one! There are days when I would just LOVE to tell somebody exactly what I think, but I don't. There are days that I would just LOVE to call out the others for the wrong that their children are doing like they do mine, but I don't. There are days that I would just LOVE to say, O really, well let me inform you, but I don't. I know that God calls the pastor's wife just as He calls the pastor. He did not call me to preach, but He called me to Love, Support and Help my husband in any way possible. I know that when the phone call comes at 3:00 am, I am to get up and help my husband get things together so he can go help another family. I know that when I am getting very excited about having a day off with my husband so we can spend time together, that I am to say "it's okay" when somebody else calls for him to go be with them. I know what it is to be on the backburner, God sends me blessing in many other ways!

It's not fun living in the glass house when you know so many eyes are watching. The are looking to see what you wear, to see what your kids are wearing, to see how you act and how your kids are acting. So many times my kids have heard me say "I know you didn't choose to be a preacher's kid, but God choose you!" He has a plan for each one of my children. He is going to use them Greatly because of what they have had to endure over the years. My prayer so often is "God please let them see the good in other church members, I know they have see the bad." I rejoice daily seeing Amber involved in church. She witnessed things in our lives that others didn't get to see, and I was very scared that she would just walk away from church thinking, "why do I want to be like the rest of the church members?" She has seen me smile standing in front of people that have said horrible things about my husband. I know that God wants me to show them Him - not me. If I stoop to how they have acted, but those who are watching will not see the God that I serve!

So no, it's not easy, but God blesses me daily! I am thankful for Him choosing me, I know that I am not the most qualified, and I have many scars and battle wounds, but I am His!

I have found the cutest comment's on You Know Your The Pastor's Wife When... but I have to wait for approval first. That should be soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


But actually normal is only a setting on the dryer, and I am sure if normal showed up at my front door I would not answer it, because I would not recognize it!

Vertigo is gone, yes thanks to the Chiropractor. I saw him last Monday and was better on Monday, Tuesday morning came back. Went to see him and again, got better (was told NO playing ball). So a pretty good Tuesday. Wednesday morning 2:50 AM - it woke me up again - head SPINNING. Chris told me to suck it up and deal with it. So I basically walked around "drunk" Wednesday and Thursday. Back to Dr. Tan (chiropractor) on Friday - he adjusted and I have not been dizzy since! WOO HOO.

Still no playing ball.

After talking with him, he ask me if knew I had 6 lumbar. I looked at him and ask, "How many am I suppose to have?". The answer - 5. Hmm...(we knew I was special) He said that if I didn't have that 6th one, I would be over an inch shorter than I am now. (Thank you Lord for making me special and 5'3")

So Friday Chris was going to pre-fish for a tournament. We decided Ethan would just miss school and we would all go to Ft. Mill and just stay with Elke - after all there was an all day crop on Saturday!! About 9:00 PM Ethan came in and said how bad his head hurt....hmmm...so we decide not to go pre-fish. I call Elke and say we will see about Saturday. Ethan wakes with a headache...so it's at home we are. He seemed better through the day so we make plans to go scrapbook on Saturday! I load up all my items for scrapooking and get all excited. 9:00 PM, Ethan comes up to me telling me his head hurt and he is burning up! 101 for the fever. I call Elke and tell her we are off and take my supplies out of the truck. Through the night the fever broke!

Chris decided not to fish the tournament so we didn't leave at 4:00 AM - yes I was going to drop him and the boat off at the lake and then drive the trailer to Elke's..but we didn't. About 11:00 am - Ethan is running around all normal and Chris then decides he will fish. We load the truck back up with scrapbooking supplies and head to Ft. Mill!! I did get to make two pages for the "Wedding" album. Two pages of Amber's dress! Just as I was getting ready for the 2nd pages Chris called and wanted me to come pick him up! So we did and headed back home.

He got to enjoy the second half of his football game, and I got to see Auburn escape the clutches of Clemson! What a nail-biter!! Found me a new little symbol to make to send to my friends when MY team scores - \0/ Was told to use the astricks for the cheerleader... *\0/* Nah, not as cute!

Hope you are having a great week!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Here I Vertigo Again....

vertigo Pictures, Images and Photos
I hate having this! I sat up on the bed on Sunday morning and said "Oh No!" Chris ask what was wrong, I told him that my head was spinning. It woke me up!! So I proceeded to the couch where I stayed ALL DAY!!!

I went to work and then called the Chiropractor to see if they could work me in. After my x-rays and Dr. Tan coming in he looked and said "Your hips are a mess! How long have you had problems?" I told him a while, but I always wait. Well he adjusted me, my head is a little better but not the pain running down the back of my right leg. He told me I would be sore. The funny part was he was twisting me all around and he said "Wow, you sure are limber". I guess me walking like an old woman threw him off!

So we will see what tomorrow holds. I hated missing church yesterday, we had several families join!! That is always great.

Counting down to KidzTown. So much painting to be done and I am making a "Candy Land" type game for the game room. Our kids will be in rotations, four weeks, four rooms learning the same "lesson". We have the Ally where the kids gather as we take rolls, this has 6 22" televisions and WII's ready to play. The rotation rooms are as follows: Drama Room (Studio 3:16), Game Room (Kings Stadium) Art Room (Imagination Station) and Movie Room (Tri-Max Theatre). I can't wait to post pictures!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Scrapbooking on a Bass Boat....

It's a beautiful morning on Lake Wylie. Why am I here? To spend time with my husband. I will apologize now for the typing errors, I am on my palm pre.. Sometimes the fingers and keys don't work well toge her. I am "fishing" with Chris. Except I didn't want to spend the money on licence so I brought something else to do. This should be interesting...i brought scrapbooking stuff. We are currently in a cove and won't be here long so I decided to blog.
my eyes are straining...its all blurry when I look up. Chris already snagged one, but he got away. It's a little breezy and a bit chilly, but it will warm up. I would love to be asleep. Okay, the boat is rockin, and with me looking down I am getting dizzy so I will close now hope you have a wonderful day!
I wanted to upload my sunrise picture on the lake, but will have to do it later... Look a there... Another bite... Missed it...aw...

Okay - now for the rest of the story. When I was in this little cove, I put on a pair of pants so that I wouldn't freeze when we went to the next little cove and had to travel over 70 mph (YES) to get there. I did hear Chris say, watch for my glasses. I didn't see any glasses, just figured they shuffled around to the bottom of the box...

I didn't do anything with Scrapbooking at that point, but after we went down the lake, yes at 70 mph - and there is no console on my side of the boat so I am getting straight wind and I can feel my cheeks flapping in the wind...we finally get there. I ask how long we would be here so I could get busy. He said about 30 minutes. So I get out the pictures (Wedding - Amber) and start sorting them in the order of events. This took long enough for Chris to go down one side of cove and half way back up. So again I ask how much more time do I have. He laughed and said another 15 but I had already taken up 20 minutes already. So now I get out my layout book and search for the perfect layout for the six pictures that I have of Amber in the wedding dress, showcasing the details of the dress and her hair on her day! So I find the right one and pick out the perfect paper to compliment these pictures. Of course my next question - how much time. He said we would move on now. So I put things back in order for the next stop.

Now Chris ask for his sunglasses. Well he goes to look for them and they are not there. Honestly I never saw them! But what it comes down to is that when I took out the pants, I somehow managed to dump them in the lake - I guess. Anyway we have no sunglasses. At this point all moods have changed. He is strolling along, and he is not happy. His next comment, we should just go home, and I told him, go ahead. So we head back to the landing. At which I am sure the thought "is he trying to throw me out of the boat" came into mind once or twice.

We get back to the landing and he won't even let me go get the truck and back the trailer down to get him. He backs it down and we load up. In the process of packing up and discussing a few matters about the lost sunglasses, he finds another pair. Now seriously how they under the front seat is also beyond me. I don't wear these glasses EVER! So now he has a pair of glasses. As I am waiting for him to put things away and secure the boat, here comes somebody that he knows and he told him that he would help him drop the boat in and park his truck. After a few minutes Chris comes back to the truck and ask "Do you think you can find something to do for a few hours and I will fish with him". My answer - "Of course". My thoughts....are you kidding me, this is labor day, people have their normal friends over and they are busy!!! But sure I will find me a picnic table and scrapbook.

So off he goes...and here I go, now I am admitting my nose is turning red and tears are welling up in my eyes. I have been abandoned!!! Stranded... and I am pulling around a bass boat behind my truck. I can't just go anywhere... I make a few calls and no answers. HMM...so I go over the park that the guy who Chris is fishing with tell me about to find me a spot under the trees and out of the sun. Well I drive through and just can't find me a spot, of course there is one near the playground with lots of kids, but I do not want anybody bothering me and ask me what I am doing on a table in the park with my scrapbooking stuff, not that they even knew what that is! So as I am leaving the park, I call Amber. Voicemail (I figure phone is dead) so I text Steven. "What are you doing today? Is Amber's phone dead?" And nothing. I mean after all who wants to get a text message from MIL? (just kidding Amber) I decided to call Elke but this time on her house phone, and she answers!! Woo Hoo! I head on over and hang out with her and had KFC chicken - original style for the girls! Oh and thanks to Ted for letting me intrude on their day off! You rock!

I find out that she is meeting Lisa for a movie and I call Chris to see if he would mind fishing a little longer so I could go with them. We know what that answer was! So off to the movies. I had seen the previews and thought - chick flick - why not! Well I am highly NOT recommending seeing this movie, don't even rent it when it comes out. They have one word that they use in every sentenence, and it is not a part of my vocabulary. There are many scenes in there that will make you very uncomfortable if you do not have close relationship to the person beside you. You will be embarrased! WOW - I didn't realize they put this kind of stuff in movies. Their humor was not what mine is for sure! Oh, they name of the movie - Going the Distance. I wonder if screenit.com lists how many times a profanity is used in a movie, I bet this one word was used about 150 times. But I must say that spending time with my friends was AWESOME!! I love friends!!!! Oh, Amber did text when she was at the movies, so I was not ignored!

As soon as I got back I headed to the lake to get Chris, and we headed back home. Not another word was said about the glasses. Glad we had that break! So all in all it was a great Labor Day - hope you had fun too!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Game 1

I SURVIVED! Woo hoo, but today - ugh..... The song "The old gray mare ain't what she use to be" comes to mind. But I guess for a 44 year old who hasn't played in over 15 years, I wasn't so bad.

I played first base - never have played anywhere else. It's my safe spot! Our shortstop throws a rocket, my palm and thumb are bruised, but I would rather her throw it that hard and get it to me, than me miss it! I told them at practice that I could still hear my coach tell me that if I let a ball go past me I was running laps (and that was in High School). He told us we have a body to protect the ball from going past us. Hmm...I will probably be black and blue before it's all over.

I was up to bat three times, got on base twice. The third one I got thrown out at first. Gotta work on the running, but I was running as hard as I could!

We lost by three points, but we were making a comback from being down 11 points. So for our first game I thought we did pretty good, after all it's people that have never played together before, we have to learn each other! The score 17 - 14.

Next Tuesday is a double header. Hope they have an oxygen tank nearby!

Check out my other blog this morning. There is a really neat story in there about women being formed from Adam's rib.

Monday, August 30, 2010

What Am I Thinking?

I am playing softball. We had practice on Saturday night. Today is Monday and I am still sore, and we have practice tonight and the game tomorrow. I was surprised that after about 17 years that I can still hit and catch and throw. Didn't practice the running. Better get back to the gym and work on the treadmill a bit!

It's exciting to at least try. What is so funny is that as I was playing first base and somebody threw the ball past me I heard my coach (from high school) say, you let that ball get by you and you are running laps. I looked at the girl who threw it over my head and said as I was showing her with my hands - "You see all this (showing her the hip area)? It doesn't come off the ground very well". She laughed! I will update you Wednesday on the score of the game. We play on Tuesdays, and every other week is a double header. WOW!! This will be fun for Chris to get watch Ethan while I am going something.

Speaking of Ethan - the first two weeks have gone by. He had to write sentences both weeks and miss parts of recess because he is having trouble sitting still and talking (imagine that). So he realizes that tomorrow is the last day of the month, so he should be coming off restriction and he is all excited about playing video games again and getting to watch his TV shows. Please Lord - HELP MY CHILD!!! The teacher has also moved his desk to the front of the room to be beside her. I will have to say that this didn't happen with any of the other children. And Amber - don't say too much - it will come back to HAUNT you! :-)

It's Monday, so back to reality. We had a great time on our trip to Virginia last weekend. I will post pictures later. I will add that I know what a dog feels like in the back of a truck and I really don't think that my face flapping in the wind is going to be very good for wrinkles!

Oh - and I am getting very excited about this weekend! I am ready for some football!!!! War Eagle!
WAR EAGLE Pictures, Images and Photos

Have a great Monday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have the worst crick in my neck. Started early and the week and it is HOLDING on and moving down my neck. Now this is not a good thing because we leave in the morning going to Virginia on the motorcycle!

It's going to be an awesome weekend. I am excited for my children, since Crickette and Ethan will be going to stay with Amber and Steven (I am sure that after this weekend they will put off having children for a few more years).

I called Amber a week or so back and was checking in on the date to make sure all was set. Then I had to break the news to her that her little brother was on restriction from TV and Computer. She said surely he will be off by then won't he? Umm...no, he is on restriction for a month. She quickly informed me that there was no way that could happen at her house, Ethan with no TV or computer and all he could play with were her dogs!!! NOT HAPPENING. She would even tell dad that he would be off restriction that weekend. (So does this mean I will be doing the same thing with her children when they have been bad at her house? :-) ) This could be so much fun later on in life....

I did send a text messege to Steven soon after that said: Just a little note to remind you that when you put your child on restriction that child is not the only one being punished. And I think that your wife just may take it out on you!

So today is day four of 2nd grade for Ethan. The first three days he has missed some of recess and had to write sentences each day. I think that this teacher is going to be great for him!

Well that's it for today, have a great Thursday!! I will be leaving in the morning at 8:00 am. Say a prayer for my neck and shoulder. The next message will include pictures. I hope there aren't so many rain pictures like last time. Going to Mayberry!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Too funny.....

I was looking beyond my blog and found a posting about this. Since my link button seems to be broken I will have to share it another way....

If you have a tattoo don't be mad at me, I didn't make this chart, but you will have to laugh and find it amusing too!

Who Who

Well I was hoping by now that I had a picture of a little blue owl that left my house on Saturday so I could show you. He is not very big and will fit in the palm of your hand. I have no idea how he got to my house ,(I even made phone calls to ask my friend that had just spent a night here) but after he got here I remembered an e-mail I read years ago and thought this owl might be used in a little fun for the girls. For now he can be passed between me and Amber until Crickette gets her own place. The funny part was that I was walking all over Amber's house after we got there so I could find a home for him. I did notice that Amber had not hung a picture I gave her birthday and ask her about it. She yelled "I told you Steven that she ask about it!". Oops... but she said she needed to patch the nail holes before she hung it up. Next trip :-)

After we left Amber's house on Saturday night I got a call from her asking if I left an owl at the house. My response - "What?". She ask did I leave some kind of voodo owl at the house and something about it making her either not have babies or make them, I can't remember, I was trying too hard not to laugh out loud. She said she remembered dusting her chest of drawers and that owl was simply just not there. I admitted to putting him there and shared a little about the e-mail that I had read years ago. So now I am sharing with all of you (and Amber) so now that little owl will take on a whole new meaning to her and maybe even inspire some of you to start a little tradition. Have fun and get the tissue out, it may touch you.


The baggy yellow shirt had long sleeves, four extra-large pockets trimmed in black thread and snaps up the front. It was faded from years of wear but still in decent shape. I found it in 1963 when I was home from college on Christmas break, rummaging through bags of clothes Mom intended to give away. "You're not taking that old thing, are you?" Mom said when she saw me packing the yellow shirt. "I wore that when I was pregnant with your brother in 1954!"

"It's just the thing to wear over my clothes during art class, Mom. Thanks!" I slipped it into my suitcase before she could object. The yellow shirt became a part of my college wardrobe. I loved it. After graduation, I wore the shirt the day I moved into my new apartment and on Saturday mornings when I cleaned.

The next year, I married. When I became pregnant, I wore the yellow shirt during big-belly days. I missed Mom and the rest of my family, since we were in Colorado and they were in Illinois. But that shirt helped. I smiled, remembering that Mother had worn it when she was pregnant, 15 years earlier. That Christmas, mindful of the warm feelings the shirt had given me, I patched one elbow, wrapped it in holiday paper and sent it to Mom. When Mom wrote to thank me for her "real" gifts, she said the yellow shirt was lovely. She never mentioned it again.

The next year, my husband, daughter and I stopped at Mom and Dad's to pick up some furniture. Days later, when we uncrated the kitchen table, I noticed something yellow taped to its bottom. The shirt!

And so the pattern was set.

On our next visit home, I secretly placed the shirt under Mom and Dad's mattress. I don't know how long it took for her to find it, but almost two years passed before I discovered it under the base of our living-room floor lamp. The yellow shirt was just what I needed now while refinishing furniture. The walnut stains added character.

In 1975 my husband and I divorced. With my three children, I prepared to move back to Illinois. As I packed, a deep depression overtook me. I wondered if I could make it on my own. I wondered if I would find a job. I paged through the Bible, looking for comfort. In Ephesians, I read, "So use every piece of God's armor to resist the enemy whenever he attacks, and when it is all over, you will be standing up."

I tried to picture myself wearing God's armor, but all I saw was the stained yellow shirt. Slowly, it dawned on me. Wasn't my mother's love a piece of God's armor? My courage was renewed.

Unpacking in our new home, I knew I had to get the shirt back to Mother. The next time I visited her, I tucked it in her bottom dresser drawer.

Meanwhile, I found a good job at a radio station. A year later I discovered the yellow shirt hidden in a rag bag in my cleaning closet. Something new had been added. Embroidered in bright green across the breast pocket were the words "I BELONG TO PAT."

Not to be outdone, I got out my own embroidery materials and added an apostrophe and seven more letters. Now the shirt proudly proclaimed, "I BELONG TO PAT'S MOTHER." But I didn't stop there. I zig-zagged all the frayed seams, then had a friend mail the shirt in a fancy box to Mom from Arlington, VA. We enclosed an official looking letter from "The Institute for the Destitute," announcing that she was the recipient of an award for good deeds. I would have given anything to see Mom's face when she opened the box. But, of course, she never mentioned it.

Two years later, in 1978, I remarried. The day of our wedding, Harold and I put our car in a friend's garage to avoid practical jokers. After the wedding, while my husband drove us to our honeymoon suite, I reached for a pillow in the car to rest my head. It felt lumpy. I unzipped the case and found, wrapped in wedding paper, the yellow shirt. Inside a pocket was a note: "Read John 14:27-29. I love you both, Mother."

That night I paged through the Bible in a hotel room and found the verses: "I am leaving you with a gift: peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give isn't fragile like the peace the world gives. So don't be troubled or afraid. Remember what I told you: I am going away, but I will come back to you again. If you really love me, you will be very happy for me, for now I can go to the Father, who is greater than I am. I have told you these things before they happen so that when they do, you will believe in me."
The shirt was Mother's final gift. She had known for three months that she had terminal Lou Gehrig's disease. Mother died the following year at age 57.

I was tempted to send the yellow shirt with her to her grave. But I'm glad I didn't, because it is a vivid reminder of the love-filled game she and I played for 16 years. Besides, my older daughter is in college now, majoring in art. And every art student needs a baggy yellow shirt with big pockets.

So with that I left my little owl who flew into my home with Amber. I know that after a visit I will find him (please don't put it under something - you know I won't find him). And when Crickette gets her own place we can share him with her. This can be so much fun and I would have loved to have done something like this with my mother.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and if this brings back memories of your mom today, treasure them! Smile and be refreshed today!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where is the time going?

I can't believe the summer is gone. We didn't do a whole lot, but we have been busy busy. Sometimes to the point of being so overwhelmed, I just want to crawl in a cave, but have a computer too!

I went and saw a friend two weekends ago, and she knows me oh too well. She asked me, "So, how's Stacey doing?". My usual answer - "Fine". Then later she says, "I am asking you for the third time, How is Stacey doing?". Sometimes you just don't know how to answer! I keep thinking about Chris talking about that little bubble that I put up around me and close the world off. Now sometimes I really don't even realize that I do it.

Okay, first I am not stressed (well not alot - ha ha). I have found my 3rd and 4th gray hair this week. Which is very WHAM - life is catching up with you!!! I did find the first one the day after Amber's 25th birthday. But I must admit to be 44 and just getting gray hair is not so bad!

Now if Miss Bernadine could see me, she could mean what she told me about 10 years ago. When we went back to visit our first church, she noticed that I colored my hair, her comment - "The only reason you color your hair is to cover the gray". Of course that wasn't the only thing that she was brassy about - the first time I met her she said, "Your alot bigger than the last preacher's wife." "Wow" I thought, but said to her, "Well she must not enjoy food as much as I do!" (keep in mind I was a size 14 at the time - just barely a plus size...oh to be there now...)

May I add that being a preacher's wife is very interesting at times.

Hope you are having a good week, it's the last one before school starts for us.

Catch you later, and hopefully it won't be so long.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend Trip to Cherokee

What a weekend. I started the blog on the road, but I must admit, that is hard to do. The keys are just too little and then trying to read it! UGH!!

So here goes.

We left Friday afternoon - there were 9 bikes. We were suppose to leave at 1:30, but it was raining cats and dogs so it was after 2:00 before we got to leave. Well we didn't get 30 minutes from the house and we were in the rain. We did pull over at a gas station to put on the rain suits! Tonya poured water out of her shoes.

After getting the rain suits on, it stopped and we did get a chance to dry out. So we stopped again and took them off. It wasn't 30 minutes and as soon as we passed Looking Glass falls, the skies darkened again! This time we did get the suits put back on and then it hit! The heavens opened up and it POURED! We found an overpass to sit under - along with another couple.

We thought it was bad till we look over and see two hikers walking down the road. Of course Chris had to do the yodeling and reminded us of how much they looked like the game from the Price is Right. So I guess it wasn't so awful for us.

We found a cute little place to eat supper. We were still riding in the rain and we were soaked when we got there. We did get lots of looks. We had a blast while waiting to get our food (in shifts). I did get to plug in my phone and it went from 18% battery left to 75%. That is how long we were there.

We made it to Cherokee after 9:00 PM. We had a blast for the next few hours playing a marble board game - men against the women - and the women lost! But we played hard!! So much fun!!!

The next morning we stopped at cute little restaurant for breakfast where I saw this sign.

We were headed back home and at the time it was beautiful skies.
The river running through Cherokee was very pretty.

Going through the mountains was awesome. It was very cloudy and the higher we went up the worst it got. It reminded me of reading in the Bible when Moses went up and God came down on the mountain as a cloud. Makes you realize that He is close!

When we stopped for lunch we found out that we would probably run into some showers - an we did! Only for about 5 minutes but driving on the interstate was not too much fun!

It was a great weekend all in all and I am looking forward to out 2 night outing in August. We will traveling to Virginia.