Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just had a thought...

Admitting that I am behind on my devotianals but also had something come to mind as I was doing the one for December 25.

Christmas is all about the birth of Christ, but we get so caught up in the comericalization of Christmas that it's easy to loose sight of what is true. I am issuing a challenge to you, and a project now for me. I think that we should all have a manger sitting next to our Christmas tree - one that is empty (doesn't have to be huge). Then when we get up on Christmas morning to open the presents and see just what we all are getting for Christmas and what was brought to us after we went to sleep, we can then see the baby in the manger and truly understand that Jesus is the greatest gift that we could get for Christmas.
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  1. I think that is an awesome idea. We have looked everywhere for an affordable manger scene to put in the front yard, but they are so expensive. We have decided to build one for next Christmas!