Wednesday, December 1, 2010

T'was the 4th of December

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T'was the 4th of December

by Kay Singletary

Twas the 4th of December, was a chill in the air
He was headed to Atlanta, flags flying everywhere
He’d come from a place that was not used to fame
They had never been champs, never placed in this game

He wanted so badly to show all his peers
To quite all their laughter, their taunting, their jeers
He was thinking he had this, no doubt in his mind
The trophy was his, he would rule all mankind

He pulled thru the gates of that great Georgia Dome
Thinking only of the victory that would soon be his own
When out of the corner of his eye he did see
The one thing that stood between him and victory

He thought to himself…oh dear Lord this can’t be,
I thought they had benched him, why’d you do this to me!
They told me that he was not eligible to play…
I’d banked on that statement from the NCAA

He turned toward the field with his heart sinking low
He wondered if he could just cancel this show
His feathers were ruffled, he couldn’t even talk
He no longer strutted, he barely could walk

He’d never felt worse, his knees almost locked
He certainly didn’t feel like a Fighting Game Cock
The sight he’d just witnessed put an end to his dream
They were tougher, and harder…. a greater ball team

Then before he could stop, he threw his visor on the ground
Old habits die hard… always find their way back ‘round
He took one more glance at that bird, so grand and regal
Raised his hand in salute, and shouted out…….WAR CAM EAGLE!!!

I sent a message to Kay and told her if she would write us another one, I would blog about it! Now all my South Carolina fans can see!! Thanks Kay!!!

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  1. Another good one Stace
    Your friend Kay sure has a talent for writting that kind of stuff.
    Keep em coming ! :)