Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ethan gets a phone call from Santa....

On the way home Saturday, I had a friend (Deana) send me a text asking if Ethan could get a phone call from Santa, I said sure and told her to send it to the cell phone, we were traveling home.

I had to stop at the post office so I told Ethan to make sure he answered the phone if it rang. You should have seen the look on his face when I got back in the car. He was listening to the call and had the neatest smile on his face.

Now let me back up to Friday night: When we were trying to go to sleep, he ask me if Santa was real. Before I could say anthing he ask if elves were real. Then he proceedes to answer is questions and said he believed that elves were real, they just had to be.

Now back to the call: I ask him who was on the phone and his eyes lit up and he said Santa! He continued to listen. When the call was over he let me know that Santa called just for him, that he knew his name. And said that Santa knew that he was a good second grader because Amber told Santa. He said that Santa would be leaving him a new toy on Christmas morning and he had to leave milk and cookies! He was just amazed that he got the call. When it was over we were going down the road and Ethan says, "I knew he was real!"

Several times during the day he would be just smiling and then say, you know why I am so happy? I would say, "No, why?" Then he would say, "Because I got a phone call from Santa!"

This Christmas will be fun, especially when he sees that box with a big red bow and tag that says To: Ethan and his very own puppy is inside!

If you want to send a call from Santa visit:

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