Monday, December 13, 2010

Well Hello again!

It's been a while and yes I have been enjoying that ballgame. Gotta get Kay ready for one more poem!!

Hat's off to my Auburn Tigers for being the SEC Champions, now on to the National Championship. It will be great for Alabama to have back to back champions! And congrats to Cam Newton - Heisman winnner. I had a friend that said she didn't like my quarterbacks arrogance, I just had to remind her that we all have many faults. I have to admit, if I was that great I would be arrogant too.

After the ballgame I didn't get to go to church that Sunday because Ethan had started running a fever on Friday night. Just a low grade fever and no othr symptoms. We notice by Monday that it was only late in afternoon and night that he ran it. He missed Monday and Tuesday with school. He went to school on Wednesday but ran fever that night. After that it never came back. Must have been a virus!

I think that my vertigo is FINALLY gone. I had it for four weeks. Now it wasn't too bad. It was localized to a head tilt to the left and then laying down, so it was tolerable!

Friday night I traveled to Charlotte to Elke's to use her Cricut (mine was wrapped and under the tree) so that I could make ornaments. It was just me, Elke, Lisa and Laura. What a great time of fellowship for me.

Saturday, I had to do a little catch-up from work and get the bulletins done. After that I told Chris that we needed to do something fun with Ethan, so we went to Toy-r-us so that we could get an idea of toys for him. It was fun and he was very excited. Wow at the toys out there!!

Sunday we celebrated 24 years of marriage. After church Chris took a nap and Crickette came home from Charlotte after giving Amber a makeover. Well I decided to see if I could get the fireplace lit, we couldn't get it done on Thursday. As I was leaning over I lit the lighter, well obviosly I had too much hair product in my hair and WHOOSH - I had fire in my hair!! I dropped the lighter and clapped out the fire. Talk about the worst smell in the world! Now I know how Michael Jackson felt. Yes we got a good laugh and I told Crickette to get the scissors...time for my makeover! We also colored my hair. I love my layers.

I am so excited about this week, Paxston comes home! We pick him up at the airport on Friday and then we will head to Alabama for the weekend. It's been very cold here and we had a few flurries last night, maybe snow will come this year! Stay warm! See you later.

Gotta fill you in on the Christmas tree and Ethan's phone call from Santa - check in tomorrow!

This weekend we celebrated 24 years of marriage.

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