Saturday, January 29, 2011

well hello again

I seem to be letting too much time pass by...but there is no normal in my life so why would I expect anything to be very different.

Feels pretty nice to be a fan of a National Championship team. Not sure when we will get to do this again. Losing too many seniors and with Cam Newton going, it could be a while. It was great while it lasted!

We had an awesome Christmas. All my kids were here, so it was perfect. Ethan got a puppy for Christmas. The response was not what we expected. He comes in and there is the dog with a cute little collar on her neck and a tag that says "To Ethan". Well, Ethan did not see Molly (Crickette's puppy) and he thought that Santa was trying to pull one over on him. He said it was Molly, we said no this is your puppy. He was ready to go back to bed. Chris had to go back and help him to see that this was his dog. When Crickette got Molly up and when Ethan came back and saw two dogs, it all changed. We let him pick out a name. He said He wanted to call her Love, well I told him it needed to sound like it ends with a y so it's easier to learn. So her name is Lovey! He loves to carry her behind his back. This may not last long, since she is growing.

We had a great day. Delievered donuts to a few fire stations, EMT station and police station. That is one of our traditions on Christmas morning. We go get donuts the night before and then take it to them on Christmas morning to say thank you for serving!

Excitement built through the day because it was all setting up for snow! So yes we got snow on Christmas. It was a beautiful site. I am not sure how much but it was covered. We tried to build a snowman but the snow was more powdery than anything, so he got to be short and squatty - sort of like me!

We have enjoyed our time with our sailor. He came home for Christmas for 10 days. It was exciting picking him up from the airport. He was so cute in his uniform. We saw lots of servicemen that day getting ready to go home to families! Paxston got to stay for Christmas, go back to Great Lakes for 10 days and then come back to us for 10 more days before he left for C-school.  Jordan and  I took him back last weekend to Dam Neck Viriginia where he will be stations for the next 185 days. The morning view was pretty! Too bad it was FREEZING cold outside, they said the coldest night of the year so far. We tried pictures on the beach but it was brutal!
So now you are caught up with us. Next weekend is gong to be FABULOUS! It's our weekend trip with 12 other couples going the mountains. Leaving the kids behind!!! The great part about the trip is the house, 3 story log cabin and all weekend the men cook and clean!! AWESOME! We stay up late and play games, one day we go to the outlets and they have the greatest scrapbooking store there! Counting down the days.
I am loving my Cricut. I have put things on two walls.
I also pained a few things on canvas, I did Ethan's name for his wall.
And I painted 3 of these for gifts and wound up selling another.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Aubie's Visitors

by Kay Singletary
Sunday, 02 January 2011

T’was a few weeks after Christmas, it was quiet all round town
Old Santa was off to Jamaica, and Rudolph was bedded down
Aubie was alone at the stadium, one last visit this eventful year
His heart was full of peace and pride, in his eye was a joyful tear

As he sat in the student section, he reflected on his past
When he’d started this in ’62, he’d never dreamed how long it’d last
The memories came in like a raging flood, they hit him with a jolt
He felt a presence sit down behind him, his vision blurred by smoke

He turned around to greet his visitor, who’d entered with no fan-fair
He knew it had to be a friend, another fan come to Jordan-Hare
At first he thought “I don’t understand, why can’t my eyes adjust”
“I cannot see thru this thick haze, is it fog, or rain, or dust?”

He looked left then right, up then down, and he realized the stadium was full
Some looked meek and mild, others strong and wild, eyes raging like those of a bull
Then one by one they came into view, the air was clear at last
To his surprise he recognized these faces from the past

In the middle of the crowd sat George Petrie, who'd coached Auburn’s very first game
To his right was the infamous John Heisman, to this day we still honor that name
There was Donahue, Dye, Bowden and Tubby, all heroes to any Tiger fan
But in front of the crowd standing regal and proud stood “Shug” Jordan, the legend, the man

There sat Frederickson, Gilbert and Beasley, next to Sullivan, Cadillac and Brown
Rocker, Campbell and Jackson, the greatest players from any college town
They were all here together for the very first time, to show their support and elation
To celebrate finally the greatest of greats, the number one team in the nation

Shug looked down at Aubie and said “my dear friend, our message must get to the team”
“For fifty plus years we’ve been looking for this, the answer to all of our dreams”
“They have the talent, the drive and the will but let me make one thing real clear”
“It started before them each man you see here, has felt that same feeling of fear”

“We each came before them and gave all we had in search of the very same thing”
“A chance to be something that few men can be, and wear that Champions ring”
“Tell Chizik, and Newton, Fairly and Burns, Mulzahn and Dyar good luck”
“We’ll all be here cheering and watching with pride while you pluck that old Oregon Duck!!”