Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Having fun with the Cricut!

Just thought I would post what I have been busy doing. I just love my Cricut and I am getting my monies worth out of it. I bought a new program - Cricut Design Studio that helps me in laying out everything and I love it too. But I am seeing that Sure-Cuts-Alot, is a much better program... maybe in the money I save in couponing I can get me one!

Being the Queen of Trying to be Frugal, I am sharing the price with you so that you can realize that you can do this too, without sinking lots of money in a project.
This is a coaster made from 4 x 4 tile. After finishing I put clearcoat on top of it. Price of tiles 24 cents at Lowes. Four of these stacked up are look awesome after finishing off with a ribbon. No need to box it up for a gift. These sell for $15 on Etsy, set of 4 - not sure how much shipping is.
This is on my wall in the kitchen. Not as happy as I should be with it, but for now it will stay. Was learning how to use my program and all the letters are not the same and yes it's hard putting it up even on the walls. I am sure I will get better in time!
This is just a plain plate and I added the letters. It's a wedding gift.

This is an experiment. It's suppose to be a trivet. 6 x 6 tile and then after putting letter on it, I have sprayed many layers of clearcoat on it. I will try it out on Thursday to see if setting something hot on it turns it or messes it up. After testing I will know how well it will be for a gift. I still got 3 more, and I just may have plain tiles for trivets but that will be okay too. Better than placing dish towels on the table and the price was only 48 cents a piece, just add felt to the bottom or you can get the little sticky felt circles or squares. Looks like just a 6 x 6 personalized tile on Etsy is $15 plus shipping.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Not too bad!

Well the top 13 are in..and I must say I didn't do too bad. For sure I got 10 out of 12 and since they added the 13 I got one more. I noted that Haley just might slip in.

I am very sad that Lauren Turner didn't make it in. I really, really liked her!

And just in case you haven't seen the new show on Lifetime, Coming Home - UGH (In a good way)! It will tear you up inside seeing all the stories of the sailors and soldiers coming home to see their families! Of course it comes on after Army Wives, which I am a faithful viewer of! So now Sundays will start off the week of great TV.
Just to show you how addicted I am to TV, these are my shows that I record and somehow find the time to go back and watch:

And soon to record more: Coming Home





Other shows that come on nights I can't remember, or are multiple nights, or are upcoming that I love to watch...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol - the Girls

I think the girls were much better last night, hard to pick the six. I liked 8 of them! Hmm...
So here goes...
I think also in the top 5 will be the next three...
Pia Toscano - she has the wow factor. I think she could be the best one.

Karen Rodriguez - she also is a performer. The judges loved her too.

Lauren Turner - There is something about her that I just LOVE!  She is very unique and I think she is going through.

Naima Adedapo - she knows how to work it all, and make herself be rememberd. She did a great job!

Thia Megia - to be that young and have that talent. She is going through too. Now to work on the stage presence and get her in the comfortable zone.
Now number 6 is a toss-up...but I think..

Lauren Alaina - because of her cuteness and how comfortable she is in performing. This is very natural to her, although I think it's going to get nauseating!

The other two that were also noteworthy, so it could very well be one of them...

Kendra Chantelle

Haley Reinhart

As you can tell I liked the girls better than the guys. It's going to be an awesome season for sure. Can't wait to see how my picks were. So what did you think?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol - The Guys

I really want to review each one of the guys, buy only two people got to hear my comments last night and that will be enough! Don't want to offend anybody, so you guess it, not nice on some of them!
So here are my top 6 picks. I went out on a limb last night and said that two of them will be in the top five. They are the first two here!
James Durbin - Now he has the total package. Watching him last night was like being at a concert already. He knows how to perform and make you enjoy it all! He is my favorite!!

Jacob Lusk - Man this guy can sing! Gotta watch the facial expressions but other than that can't find fault at all. He picked the right song also. We will be seeing more of him too!

Scotty McCreery - He will be here because he is the only country guy here. He is adorable. He will probably struggle with the rest of the songs, but Country it is for him. We will probably hear him in years to come on the radio.

Jordan Dorsey - now he didn't pick a song that was right for him last night, but he has a great voice too. I just think he will be in the top 6.
Casey Abrams  - I think people will vote more for him from being on earlier and knowing what he can do. His song was good last night, but I don't think it was the best.

Paul McDonald - not sure why but I think he may be in top 6 too. He is a little quirky, but something about him I think people will like.

Can't wait to see Thursday how I did. There is talent for sure. The only thing I disagreed with last night was the judges. Twice I thought somebody butchered their songs and they just LOVED it. NOT!!! But then that is why I am here, posting to my blog..ha ha . We all have opinions...

Tonight it's the girls! Should be pretty good.