Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Having fun with the Cricut!

Just thought I would post what I have been busy doing. I just love my Cricut and I am getting my monies worth out of it. I bought a new program - Cricut Design Studio that helps me in laying out everything and I love it too. But I am seeing that Sure-Cuts-Alot, is a much better program... maybe in the money I save in couponing I can get me one!

Being the Queen of Trying to be Frugal, I am sharing the price with you so that you can realize that you can do this too, without sinking lots of money in a project.
This is a coaster made from 4 x 4 tile. After finishing I put clearcoat on top of it. Price of tiles 24 cents at Lowes. Four of these stacked up are look awesome after finishing off with a ribbon. No need to box it up for a gift. These sell for $15 on Etsy, set of 4 - not sure how much shipping is.
This is on my wall in the kitchen. Not as happy as I should be with it, but for now it will stay. Was learning how to use my program and all the letters are not the same and yes it's hard putting it up even on the walls. I am sure I will get better in time!
This is just a plain plate and I added the letters. It's a wedding gift.

This is an experiment. It's suppose to be a trivet. 6 x 6 tile and then after putting letter on it, I have sprayed many layers of clearcoat on it. I will try it out on Thursday to see if setting something hot on it turns it or messes it up. After testing I will know how well it will be for a gift. I still got 3 more, and I just may have plain tiles for trivets but that will be okay too. Better than placing dish towels on the table and the price was only 48 cents a piece, just add felt to the bottom or you can get the little sticky felt circles or squares. Looks like just a 6 x 6 personalized tile on Etsy is $15 plus shipping.

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