Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update on blanket

Well that went better than expected, although I had to rip the seams out of one side that I sewed wrong. As you can tell it doesn't look like the pattern... So there were no directions to follow. Lots of adjustments but as Tim Gunn says...make it work!!

Now for the back and to make it quilted looking. I am hoping that this was the hardest part!

It's been 8 months since my last confession....

Seriously, I can't believe it has been that long since I have posted anything. With the memory that I have I will never be able to share all that I have missed!! But I will try somewhere along the way...

First - greatest thing that has happened since then is that I found out I am going to be a grandmother - I will be called Gigi. Very, very excited about this! So excited that I thought I could actually make the comforter set for his crib. Especially since they are wanting to do an Alabama theme for the nursery and the set that we found was $500. Since my mother always told me that both my grandmothers were extremely talented in sewing, I figured I could do this....

Got the pattern cut out over the weekend and yesterday I decided to cut the material out. We were having the new air-conditioning unit put it and I was going to be at home anyway, so I decided...why not today. And here is why it should not have been today...

The day had not started out like I had anticipated... the first post on Facebook went like this: Going ti ne a very busy week! May beed a coffee IV! I got several comments on that one. My fingers and the touch screen do not work well together.

Next FB post...  as the day progresses......we are getting an air-conditioner and furniture today...a truck pulls up and I go to the door. He ask me where I want it delivered and I told him the attic...he gives me this crazy look and says...the attic? Then I realized he was here with the furniture (early) not the air-conditioner (which was late). Guess they can laugh at me today too!

Then the next FB post... The day continues ... so excited about heating up my potato soup for lunch only to find out after stirring its chicken and dumplings...i don't eat chicken and dumplings...very glad there really was more potato soup.

the last post of the night... Let me just say that I should not have decided today would be a good day to start sewing on the baby's blanket. Surely its not because I am an Auburn fan trying to make an Alabama blanket. Only 40 minutes left in this day for me...I just may cut out more squares and that's it! I am not nearly as excited as I was 2 hours ago!!!

So about the blanket. I don't have a problem with instructions, (when I decided to follow them) but I was seriously giving it a try. The option that we love looks like the quilt in the picture above..with the patchwork.. This is option B...guess what, there are no instructions or true dimensions for the squares other than 15" x 16" remnants. I really don't want to tell you what I did, but anyway here goes... I thought the squares that were on the pattern were for the middle section, since it was part of the 1-4 sections on the quilt... well when you do put all 12 together they are smaller than the inside. So that is when my true point of realizing I was in trouble began. I laid the border pieces out on the floor and looked again at what I have to fill in. So I am rethinking that patchwork idea and will probably redo the center piece. I am so very thankful that we bought extra fabric! But I am sure with the other little projects, but those pieces can still be used!  I am thinking that tonight I will give it another try.

Today didn't start out on the best note when I got into a cold shower, but after going downstairs and turning the switch back to on in the fuse box (obviously turned off by the air-conditioner guys) and crawling back in the bed for time to heat up the water, things were just a little behind but seem to be going better.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well it's a New Year!

I am on overload thinking of all the things to share with you, but I won't cram it all in tonight!

We had an awesome Christmas! Amber and Paxston were both at home during some part of Christmas and we had such a great time! The best time was had when Amber was down and we got Dance Central 3.
Talk about a workout!
Nothing makes a mom more happy than having her children near!

For Christmas we broke out of our traditional Chili dinner and had a real Christmas meal. We had ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and macaroni & cheese. We also had great friends come to eat with us along with the boyfriend and girlfriend! After the meal we loaded up and headed to the movies. We saw We Bought A Zoo. I highly recommend seeing the movie!
When the movie was over Ethan says, "That was the best movie EVER! It was worth every dollar we paid to get in". Little did he know that Crickette and I gave blood to get 4 of the tickets. So if you haven't seen the movie, I suggest you go!

That's enough for today! See you tomorrow!