Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Monday Morning...

Well as good as it can be. I went shopping last night at 9:30 PM - yes that is right! I went with Chris and Paxston and the main goal was to get to Toys-R-Us for Ethan's Christmas. We sent to Kohl's, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us. And I didn't get in the bed till 2:30 AM. So dragging a bit today.

Paxston was having a fit to get Ethan the Kinect for the X-Box. I must say that when we got home Paxston had to try it out and it is something else. We did play the game Dance Central

Talk about laughing - and I was the WINNER!!

We had a blast and will have more fun with the family!!

Got Paxston at the airport on Friday. I was emotional before entering the building. A busload of soldiers was getting off! We did clap for them as they came throught the airport. P was so cute in his uniform and one lady came up to him and thanked him for his service to our country!

Got had a great time with family in Alabama. Tradition had changed and we had STEAK for Christmas dinner! WOO HOO - nobody loves steak more than me. I didn't eat but two small sides so I could enjoy my steak (and a half). And yes I ate another steak for breakfast before we left!! Yum Yum.

Saturday after our family time I decided I needed to spend the money I got so off to Dothan to find me a WAR EAGLE shirt. Found one at Dick's that I loved!!

Well on the front table here is the shirt and a sign almost touching it that says $17.99.  I see another gentleman talking to a salesperson and she was telling them that they had short sleeve shirts for 17.99 but they were out. I called her over to ask about the sign in front of this shirt and the 20 shirts laying on the table. She said that they we not on sale, the sign was for S/S (short sleeved). I told her that the sign was directly in front of this shirt and how were we suppose to know the code. I thought that we should bet the shirt for 17.99. She called another girl over - her name is Catherine. Well she informed me that the shirt was not on sale. I told her that the sign was directly in front of the shirt and that looks like false advertising. Again saying that we should get the shirt for 17.99. By this time the gentleman was getting ready to leave. I looked at him and told him to get his shirt, we were getting it on sale!!! Well Catharine walks up to the counter and whatever was in her hand, she flung it at the salesperson and said (ADD ATTITUDE HERE) Fine, give it to them for 17.99. So they sold us 3 shirts for the sale price. I ask if Catharine was a manager and she said no. I will be calling the store! (I called this morning and let him know - he apologized and wanted to make sure we got it at the sale price)  As we were leaving the gentleman passed by us and pointed saying Thank You and smiled!

So we are back to "normal" if there is such a thing. I am technically finished shopping and ready to enjoy my family. I did post picutres of my ornaments on my FB page, will tell the story here a bit later.

Have a great week!!


  1. Paxston got Ethan the Kinect? That's so cool - too bad we won't really get to play with you guys - unless Paxston gives it to Ethan Christmas Eve. :)

  2. Oh yes...maybe we can do that!! But then we would have to give him the Dance too. Guess that could be the one gift Christmas Eve??