Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend Trip to Cherokee

What a weekend. I started the blog on the road, but I must admit, that is hard to do. The keys are just too little and then trying to read it! UGH!!

So here goes.

We left Friday afternoon - there were 9 bikes. We were suppose to leave at 1:30, but it was raining cats and dogs so it was after 2:00 before we got to leave. Well we didn't get 30 minutes from the house and we were in the rain. We did pull over at a gas station to put on the rain suits! Tonya poured water out of her shoes.

After getting the rain suits on, it stopped and we did get a chance to dry out. So we stopped again and took them off. It wasn't 30 minutes and as soon as we passed Looking Glass falls, the skies darkened again! This time we did get the suits put back on and then it hit! The heavens opened up and it POURED! We found an overpass to sit under - along with another couple.

We thought it was bad till we look over and see two hikers walking down the road. Of course Chris had to do the yodeling and reminded us of how much they looked like the game from the Price is Right. So I guess it wasn't so awful for us.

We found a cute little place to eat supper. We were still riding in the rain and we were soaked when we got there. We did get lots of looks. We had a blast while waiting to get our food (in shifts). I did get to plug in my phone and it went from 18% battery left to 75%. That is how long we were there.

We made it to Cherokee after 9:00 PM. We had a blast for the next few hours playing a marble board game - men against the women - and the women lost! But we played hard!! So much fun!!!

The next morning we stopped at cute little restaurant for breakfast where I saw this sign.

We were headed back home and at the time it was beautiful skies.
The river running through Cherokee was very pretty.

Going through the mountains was awesome. It was very cloudy and the higher we went up the worst it got. It reminded me of reading in the Bible when Moses went up and God came down on the mountain as a cloud. Makes you realize that He is close!

When we stopped for lunch we found out that we would probably run into some showers - an we did! Only for about 5 minutes but driving on the interstate was not too much fun!

It was a great weekend all in all and I am looking forward to out 2 night outing in August. We will traveling to Virginia.


  1. Awww!!! That sounds like so much fun besides the downpours!!! I love going to Cherokee. It's so beautiful up there. I'm glad y'all all got home safely!! :)

  2. My biker parents! :) Glad you made it back safely!