Tuesday, September 21, 2010


But actually normal is only a setting on the dryer, and I am sure if normal showed up at my front door I would not answer it, because I would not recognize it!

Vertigo is gone, yes thanks to the Chiropractor. I saw him last Monday and was better on Monday, Tuesday morning came back. Went to see him and again, got better (was told NO playing ball). So a pretty good Tuesday. Wednesday morning 2:50 AM - it woke me up again - head SPINNING. Chris told me to suck it up and deal with it. So I basically walked around "drunk" Wednesday and Thursday. Back to Dr. Tan (chiropractor) on Friday - he adjusted and I have not been dizzy since! WOO HOO.

Still no playing ball.

After talking with him, he ask me if knew I had 6 lumbar. I looked at him and ask, "How many am I suppose to have?". The answer - 5. Hmm...(we knew I was special) He said that if I didn't have that 6th one, I would be over an inch shorter than I am now. (Thank you Lord for making me special and 5'3")

So Friday Chris was going to pre-fish for a tournament. We decided Ethan would just miss school and we would all go to Ft. Mill and just stay with Elke - after all there was an all day crop on Saturday!! About 9:00 PM Ethan came in and said how bad his head hurt....hmmm...so we decide not to go pre-fish. I call Elke and say we will see about Saturday. Ethan wakes with a headache...so it's at home we are. He seemed better through the day so we make plans to go scrapbook on Saturday! I load up all my items for scrapooking and get all excited. 9:00 PM, Ethan comes up to me telling me his head hurt and he is burning up! 101 for the fever. I call Elke and tell her we are off and take my supplies out of the truck. Through the night the fever broke!

Chris decided not to fish the tournament so we didn't leave at 4:00 AM - yes I was going to drop him and the boat off at the lake and then drive the trailer to Elke's..but we didn't. About 11:00 am - Ethan is running around all normal and Chris then decides he will fish. We load the truck back up with scrapbooking supplies and head to Ft. Mill!! I did get to make two pages for the "Wedding" album. Two pages of Amber's dress! Just as I was getting ready for the 2nd pages Chris called and wanted me to come pick him up! So we did and headed back home.

He got to enjoy the second half of his football game, and I got to see Auburn escape the clutches of Clemson! What a nail-biter!! Found me a new little symbol to make to send to my friends when MY team scores - \0/ Was told to use the astricks for the cheerleader... *\0/* Nah, not as cute!

Hope you are having a great week!!

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  1. Yay! Glad you're feeling better and that you blogged!