Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Game 1

I SURVIVED! Woo hoo, but today - ugh..... The song "The old gray mare ain't what she use to be" comes to mind. But I guess for a 44 year old who hasn't played in over 15 years, I wasn't so bad.

I played first base - never have played anywhere else. It's my safe spot! Our shortstop throws a rocket, my palm and thumb are bruised, but I would rather her throw it that hard and get it to me, than me miss it! I told them at practice that I could still hear my coach tell me that if I let a ball go past me I was running laps (and that was in High School). He told us we have a body to protect the ball from going past us. Hmm...I will probably be black and blue before it's all over.

I was up to bat three times, got on base twice. The third one I got thrown out at first. Gotta work on the running, but I was running as hard as I could!

We lost by three points, but we were making a comback from being down 11 points. So for our first game I thought we did pretty good, after all it's people that have never played together before, we have to learn each other! The score 17 - 14.

Next Tuesday is a double header. Hope they have an oxygen tank nearby!

Check out my other blog this morning. There is a really neat story in there about women being formed from Adam's rib.

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