Monday, September 13, 2010

Here I Vertigo Again....

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I hate having this! I sat up on the bed on Sunday morning and said "Oh No!" Chris ask what was wrong, I told him that my head was spinning. It woke me up!! So I proceeded to the couch where I stayed ALL DAY!!!

I went to work and then called the Chiropractor to see if they could work me in. After my x-rays and Dr. Tan coming in he looked and said "Your hips are a mess! How long have you had problems?" I told him a while, but I always wait. Well he adjusted me, my head is a little better but not the pain running down the back of my right leg. He told me I would be sore. The funny part was he was twisting me all around and he said "Wow, you sure are limber". I guess me walking like an old woman threw him off!

So we will see what tomorrow holds. I hated missing church yesterday, we had several families join!! That is always great.

Counting down to KidzTown. So much painting to be done and I am making a "Candy Land" type game for the game room. Our kids will be in rotations, four weeks, four rooms learning the same "lesson". We have the Ally where the kids gather as we take rolls, this has 6 22" televisions and WII's ready to play. The rotation rooms are as follows: Drama Room (Studio 3:16), Game Room (Kings Stadium) Art Room (Imagination Station) and Movie Room (Tri-Max Theatre). I can't wait to post pictures!!


  1. Oh I have vertigo too!!! I was always told it was a symptom not a disorder. Is that a symptom you have from something? I always wondered why I had it. I've never been to a chiropractor but I'd like to go one day!!

  2. I would say inner ear probably! Still bad today!!