Monday, September 6, 2010

Scrapbooking on a Bass Boat....

It's a beautiful morning on Lake Wylie. Why am I here? To spend time with my husband. I will apologize now for the typing errors, I am on my palm pre.. Sometimes the fingers and keys don't work well toge her. I am "fishing" with Chris. Except I didn't want to spend the money on licence so I brought something else to do. This should be interesting...i brought scrapbooking stuff. We are currently in a cove and won't be here long so I decided to blog.
my eyes are straining...its all blurry when I look up. Chris already snagged one, but he got away. It's a little breezy and a bit chilly, but it will warm up. I would love to be asleep. Okay, the boat is rockin, and with me looking down I am getting dizzy so I will close now hope you have a wonderful day!
I wanted to upload my sunrise picture on the lake, but will have to do it later... Look a there... Another bite... Missed

Okay - now for the rest of the story. When I was in this little cove, I put on a pair of pants so that I wouldn't freeze when we went to the next little cove and had to travel over 70 mph (YES) to get there. I did hear Chris say, watch for my glasses. I didn't see any glasses, just figured they shuffled around to the bottom of the box...

I didn't do anything with Scrapbooking at that point, but after we went down the lake, yes at 70 mph - and there is no console on my side of the boat so I am getting straight wind and I can feel my cheeks flapping in the wind...we finally get there. I ask how long we would be here so I could get busy. He said about 30 minutes. So I get out the pictures (Wedding - Amber) and start sorting them in the order of events. This took long enough for Chris to go down one side of cove and half way back up. So again I ask how much more time do I have. He laughed and said another 15 but I had already taken up 20 minutes already. So now I get out my layout book and search for the perfect layout for the six pictures that I have of Amber in the wedding dress, showcasing the details of the dress and her hair on her day! So I find the right one and pick out the perfect paper to compliment these pictures. Of course my next question - how much time. He said we would move on now. So I put things back in order for the next stop.

Now Chris ask for his sunglasses. Well he goes to look for them and they are not there. Honestly I never saw them! But what it comes down to is that when I took out the pants, I somehow managed to dump them in the lake - I guess. Anyway we have no sunglasses. At this point all moods have changed. He is strolling along, and he is not happy. His next comment, we should just go home, and I told him, go ahead. So we head back to the landing. At which I am sure the thought "is he trying to throw me out of the boat" came into mind once or twice.

We get back to the landing and he won't even let me go get the truck and back the trailer down to get him. He backs it down and we load up. In the process of packing up and discussing a few matters about the lost sunglasses, he finds another pair. Now seriously how they under the front seat is also beyond me. I don't wear these glasses EVER! So now he has a pair of glasses. As I am waiting for him to put things away and secure the boat, here comes somebody that he knows and he told him that he would help him drop the boat in and park his truck. After a few minutes Chris comes back to the truck and ask "Do you think you can find something to do for a few hours and I will fish with him". My answer - "Of course". My thoughts....are you kidding me, this is labor day, people have their normal friends over and they are busy!!! But sure I will find me a picnic table and scrapbook.

So off he goes...and here I go, now I am admitting my nose is turning red and tears are welling up in my eyes. I have been abandoned!!! Stranded... and I am pulling around a bass boat behind my truck. I can't just go anywhere... I make a few calls and no answers. I go over the park that the guy who Chris is fishing with tell me about to find me a spot under the trees and out of the sun. Well I drive through and just can't find me a spot, of course there is one near the playground with lots of kids, but I do not want anybody bothering me and ask me what I am doing on a table in the park with my scrapbooking stuff, not that they even knew what that is! So as I am leaving the park, I call Amber. Voicemail (I figure phone is dead) so I text Steven. "What are you doing today? Is Amber's phone dead?" And nothing. I mean after all who wants to get a text message from MIL? (just kidding Amber) I decided to call Elke but this time on her house phone, and she answers!! Woo Hoo! I head on over and hang out with her and had KFC chicken - original style for the girls! Oh and thanks to Ted for letting me intrude on their day off! You rock!

I find out that she is meeting Lisa for a movie and I call Chris to see if he would mind fishing a little longer so I could go with them. We know what that answer was! So off to the movies. I had seen the previews and thought - chick flick - why not! Well I am highly NOT recommending seeing this movie, don't even rent it when it comes out. They have one word that they use in every sentenence, and it is not a part of my vocabulary. There are many scenes in there that will make you very uncomfortable if you do not have close relationship to the person beside you. You will be embarrased! WOW - I didn't realize they put this kind of stuff in movies. Their humor was not what mine is for sure! Oh, they name of the movie - Going the Distance. I wonder if lists how many times a profanity is used in a movie, I bet this one word was used about 150 times. But I must say that spending time with my friends was AWESOME!! I love friends!!!! Oh, Amber did text when she was at the movies, so I was not ignored!

As soon as I got back I headed to the lake to get Chris, and we headed back home. Not another word was said about the glasses. Glad we had that break! So all in all it was a great Labor Day - hope you had fun too!