Thursday, October 21, 2010

Small Group Thursday!

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I love Thursdays! It's when a "small" group of people come over to our house and we eat together, fellowship and study God's Word together. It's applying what God has called us to do and doing it!

I have been amazed at week by week how God is working in all of our lives. There are some Thursday's that we are not all there, but God knows just who needs to be there and works in awesome ways.

If you are not involved in a small group, I encourage you to get plugged in. If you don't have them in your church, talk to your pastor about starting one. It's a great way to get those who are not involved in a Sunday School involved in just more than coming to church.

My prayer is that you have an awesome day. When I got to church this morning (I am the church secretary) God shared a wonderful view of His creation with me. There is nothing better than living where I do and getting to enjoy what He had created. The fog is coming off of the lake that is just down the hill from us.

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  1. Stacy that is beautiful!!

    I started the blog not too long ago..maybe back in May??? I don't really tell people about mom, you and one other person are the only people that "know" me on my blog!