Friday, November 26, 2010

Twas the Night Before the Iron Bowl....

Kay Singletary wrote this and posted on Facebook. I wanted all my other friends to see it. This is just too cute!! Thanks Kay

Twas the night before the Iron Bowl, and Saban couldn’t rest
For fear of the terror en-route to his nest
He’s holding Big Al and they both start to shake
The rumble has started, the earth start to quake
He whispers so softly “Al where can we hide”
I don’t like this feeling, it scares me inside
The buses pull up..shining... orange and blue
The doors open wide and out steps “#2”
With nerves all a gitter, Ol Saban can only stare
He cannot believe what has come from Jordan-Hare
Big Al turns to Saban and says “Is that him..
The big one, the tall one, the one with the grin?”
With all of his might Saban gets to his feet
His hair all a flutter..not parted and neat
He turns to the door, shoulders slumped, head hung low
He knows it for sure now, it’s time he should go
His ego is shattered his spirit is down

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