Monday, November 1, 2010

We went Pink!

Well October is Over - I have no idea where it went. I did something pretty bold that month. I went PINK!

Because my mom had breast cancer, I went with the pink in my hair! This picture was taken the day I did it and Crickette wanted to fix my hair for me to go to the ballgame.
Crickette went Pink first - they did it at school. This was just before I did mine. Notice my sweater!! Again I say WAR CAM EAGLE!! Woo Hoo!! What a season.

Yesterday Buck Creek went Pink! It was great to see all the people participate by wearing Pink. Even God participated.

We had an incredible fall festival last night. That was when I took the picture of the pink sky. We had several hundred people here, glad we had it outside, there is no way we could have housed them in the gym.
I'll have to take a picture of the "cake walk" prize that I won. I got behind a friend to walk and told her that I would take her number. Guess what - I was the very first winner! So I picked out what I wanted - the gift that I took! I made a Christmas wreath, 2 sets of beaded spoons and then bought a "Believe" plaque from Hobby Lobby. I took home the plaque. I had already hung it on my kitchen wall to see how it looked - PERFECT!!

Got lots more to share - so see you tomorrow!

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