Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where do these emotions come from?

WOW - most of the time my children say that I am heartless, but if they could see me now... I can't even get on my site and not get teary-eyed! Some of the cadets have called home, not passed tests, and may not graduate with their squads. Just breaking my heart, and then when I see the pictures of the guys in uniforms! I can only imagine what I will be like next week at this time. Getting ready to see my son graduate from Naval Academy. And next Tuesday when I get my call hearing the words - "I am a Sailor".
I know that my girls will say it is all because it is Paxston but that is not true. I am extremely proud of my other children too!
I just shared a story about Paxston with a lady at church that is having a time getting her child to stay at daycare. I remember the day that we left Paxston in the second grade. He was clinging to the door frame, screaming "Please don't leave me" and the teacher was pulling him inside. We didn't let him see us cry, but Mom and I cried like babies all the way home. Chris could not figure out what had happened to us. Then later I had to remind him that I had to drag him off the steps of Gateway Baptist Church when we dropped Amber off at Kindergarden. He was the one crying that day!
Kids just know how to attach to your heart strings!


  1. It is because it's Paxston mom! You love your boys more - but it's okay. :)

  2. I can't wait to see how your little boys tie up your strings!