Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fishnet Stockings....

Can I just say that I saw a woman, who had to at least been in her late fifties - wearing these yesterday and my first thought was - I have to have them! They were not just fishnet stockings, they had black roses on the sides. AWESOME! Now I would do just like her, wear them with a longer skirt, so you really don't notice them, unless you are a shoe person. I almost ask where I could find them and then I realized - Wait - you are the preachers wife. Do you know how bad they would talk about you if you showed up in these? And then I came back into reality, so I won't even go looking for them, even though they were fabulous. And if I were to show up to church in them, which I probalby wouldn't do, I know for sure I would hear those words, "you aren't like the last preachers wife..." So now I am thinking, maybe I can get me a pair, to go with the fabolous of shoes that I picked up for FREE on Black Friday, and just not wear them to church.

1 comment:

  1. You will not wear fishnets - even if they have roses on them. Seriously mom..... :)