Sunday, January 17, 2010


The things I...

I absolutely LOVE my FAMILY - We may be a little different, but God put us all together!

I love the Necklace that Chris gave to me for Christmas, the earrings are really pretty too! Benefits of 23 years.

Oh a Snickers Bar - and you don't just eat it, you truly enjoy it. First eat off all the chocolate (but not chocolate on top) and then the fluffy layer and then the rest. It's awesome! Messy, but Awesome!

Steak - my favorite meal - I really do think I could eat it three times a day! Always wanted to try the Porterhouse, just to see if I could eat it all!

I love it when God gets out His paintbrush and creates something wonderful for me to enjoy!

This is the hardest thing for me to give up! I am truly Southern - I LOVE SWEET TEA!

It's so hard not to love Nicholas Sparks, even when you know that somebody is going to die in the book, you still just keep reading and then you go back for more!
Who let him in to the woman's mind?

I love the fall when my favorite coffee creamer comes out and cappuccino - Pumpkin Spice! AHH...

Yes I am one of those - and to make it ever better I am TEAM JACOB! Eclipse is my favorite book and the movie comes out on my birthday - Happy Birthday to ME!

Enough said!


Sorry - I see my list is too long so no more pictures. I love to Watch Reality TV with my husband, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, So You Think you can dance. I love Thursday & Monday night TV!

Now to the things I hate, They aren't so many. But here goes...

Seriously - he looks like he crawled out from under a rock and everybody just loves him - well not me! And you can put Edward in here to, not from the book just the movie - please he was SMOOTH - skin like marble - not Hairy - GROSS!

The man (or woman) should be SHOT for this. I bet they did not have them in their house. Do you know how hard these are to clean? How many nails are broken from trying to clean??

I hate for doors to be left open and drawers. If you open it then SHUT it - how hard can it be?

NO not one of my children, but SORTING SOCKS - how do some just disappear? And always my husband says that I never match them up right! WOW...

Lids off the toothpaste - yes I hate it!

So there it is, I don't like spiders, snakes or rats either. And there have been a few people that I have come in contact with that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up but we won't go into that.
Hope you enjoyed!! Can't wait to see yours!

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