Friday, January 15, 2010

Taking me back....

I as I enjoyed reading Amber's blog today I got to meet a new friend. An army wife...Katie, I am going to really enjoy following her. As I read her blog and Amber's posting on Katies site...I got to thinking about all our moving that we did in the ministry. So instead of military brats I got to raise PK's, who everybody thinks are the worst kids ever.

I am very thankful for my children, now having three that can legally vote, that none of them have never been in jail or in the hospital! I think that is huge! Now each of them (well maybe not Paxston that we know of - ha ha) has eaten a bowl full of stupid before, but really all in all they are GREAT kids! Who hasn't had their bowl full? Oops I can never remember Amber's title but I know she is over the accounting department of the company she works for, and we are waiting to get our call from Paxston that says, "I am a Sailor" - he is currently in Navy Boot Camp in Great Lakes and then we have Crickette, who I am very excited about her keeping me looking so good over the next few years, she is going to Palmetto Beauty School, and does a great job I may add. And then we wait for Ethan...I know that those gray hairs are coming...

I know that we moved so much in the past but there is no doubt that we have all grown from these moves and God has made us all much stronger from them. It fun to think back and see how each move was for different people in our family. Our move to Ohio was for my mom, she was able to see just how God could embrace her through people when she was going through cancer. Amber got to see the benefits of North Carolina, she got Steven and then moving back to South Carolina, Paxston got to find Jordan. We have truly been blessed and I love where we are now. God had been working in ways we could not have imagined and we are thankful.

Well I have to get ready for SCRAPBOOKING tonight. Going back in time, my first scrapbook was for my mom, I kidnapped her book and redid it for her. She loved being able to look at it while going through her depressing days with chemo. Who knows Amber, I just may work on the wedding album tonight. I encourage each of you to scrapbook or at least journal. Keep up with these times. God has great plans for you! Good, bad or ugly they are memories - and memories take us back...


  1. Senior Accountant. :)

    And what are you talking about - I've never done a wrong thing in my life! ;)