Friday, January 8, 2010

A Southern Woman...

Okay, just had to check out Amber's blog before I got here, wonder where she gets all that talent from? HA HA. It has be just a very tiny part from me. And I am sure that Steven says there is way more inside of her that is more like me that he would like to admit.

I think that as southern women, we do view life just a little different...

We are passionate about our faith, well you know me, I believe that we should be! I can hear my oldest daughter now, when she made the comment a couple of years ago, "We don't need any convictions mom, you have enough for everybody". OUCH! But that is okay, the truth hurts. The sad thing is about growing up in the Bible-belt is that I think too many bank on being a church member getting to heaven when they need to realize that it is placing your faith in Jesus Christ and trusting Him as your Lord and Savior is what will get you to heaven. It doesn't matter if your grandfather did build the church, he can't get you anywhere!

We enjoy taking care of our men and our children. We would do anything that is possible to protect them and yes there are times that we get extrememly upset with them, but that is okay, but don't you start in about it, then we get even more territorial! It is okay to fix your husbands plate and take it to him, and when he shakes the glass and you hear the ice rattle, that you go fill it back up. No husband or child can ever be given too many hugs or too many kisses!

We are very passionate about life and romance. We want that whole fairy-tale, the knight riding in on a white horse, and make sure you just put me in the carriage! I had the opportunity of feeling just like Scarlet last year. I have to admit, putting on a hoop skirt and my big hat and walking to church down the long driveway seemed a little majestic to me, and I really loved it. Having the audience watch was a little nerve wracking, but that was okay. It was funny to see the people riding by, it's not every day you see a woman dressed like that. I think that Nicolas Sparks would have a blast to be in the room with us, the stories that we could share and them he could write them. I mean, think of all the country songs that are playing now. I know all about them, growing up on the Chattahoochee... I know that it does get hotter than a hoochie-cootchie... And then I have to thank God for allowing me to live through my stupid moments and letting me realize that there was something really worth living for! His name is Jesus.

We have to get beyond knowing that everything that is worth eating is usually deep fried and get back to being healthy so that we can live a very long and happy life with our husband, children and somewhere after the next three years, our grandchildren. And yes life is just better with a glass of sweet tea!

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  1. Very well said mom. And yes, I must get some of my talent (if that's what you want to call it) from you.

    Love the updates to the blog!