Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blogging...the new journaling

I can say that blogging is the new journaling, but one thing you have to keep in mind is that many people may read it, so when you are very opinionated like me, you may want to be a little careful!

I have even considered changing the names of the characters for their own protection. You see those people who were at our first church probably know exacltly who I was talking about in my earlier comment, but that will be okay.

I have always felt it was important to keep a journal, not that I have been very good at it, but we need to write down the important things, the funny things and even what we struggle with. It's amazing to go back and see what you have written and even be able to recognize just how much you have grown in thought process over the years.

It's a new year for me - this year I became a Navy Mom. I was amazed this past weekend when I heard the song "I'm proud to be an American" sung, the emotions were crazy! It talkes on a new meaning, knowing my son is part of who will be protecting me. Hope you like my countdown banner. That is how long it will be till I get to see Paxston in his Navy uniform. His grandmothers would have been so proud, they bothed loved a man in uniform, funny how one married an Army guy and the other an Air Force guy!

So I hope you are all challenged to journal, and if you don't do it in a notebook, then make a blog! Great memories are to be shared! I also challenge you to scrapbook, take your pictures further, tell their story, so people will know about these stories in years to come.

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