Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mama said I should have been a squirrel.

Well the reason she said this is because of how much I love the outside, really more than that - I love to see the trees changing colors, I love to see the sun setting and even the clouds when the sun is rising. I really think that she was on drugs when she made this comment! You would not believe the photos that I have in my cell phone that are just of nature, well you will because I am sharing them!

You can only imagine how excited I got this morning to hear Ethan say, "wow look at the sky, I see purple, blues and yellows". My heart just did back-flips! When I walked outside this morning, I thought that the lights had been left on at the church, then I realized the pinkish color to the windows. I bet the look on my face said it all when I realized that it was a reflection of the sky and turned to the right and saw the view! I have been told that when it is snowing that I get a twinkle in my eye! Snow - another subject all together!

I was really hoping that more people got to witness this incredible picture that God painted for us! So now I will share some of my pictures with you. I just love it when God gets out his paintbrush and creates a picture just for me. The last two were taken this morning and I love the refection from the lake. God has placed us in a wonderful location for sure!

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