Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby Scrapbook

I am not real happy with the pictures. I didn't have a program to crop them in like I wanted and the pictures just don't seem to do it justice, but here it is.'

The intro page. I stamped her name in the different colors.

Her Announcement Page: Hannah Camille
First Bath - Can you tell I love the Circle Cutters!
JuneCute Quote from Dr. Suess
July - Her name is embossed at the top along with the "fireworks" on the sides
November - I used silk leave also

December - My First Christmas
I made the trees from Oval and them embellished with brads.
January - This is one of my favorite pages. The letters are sparkly along with the paper that the snowman is on. The snowflakes are metal with crystal brads.
February - that's not black paper but chocolate brown.

April - Easter - Another page that I LOVE!

May - Her first Birthday.

The the very last page. I figure they can put her first portrait on that.


  1. Oh mom - you're so talented. Which reminds me - I would LOVE to see my wedding album. Two year anniversary coming up - think it would be a great present! :)

  2. Hmm...it would be a nice present, but do we give Anniversary presents?

  3. Wow!!!!!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!! That was worth the wait! Love everything about it! :)

  4. She should be getting it today.