Saturday, May 22, 2010

Road trip...

Well another journey . . and it is never dull. Our plans were to leave for Great Lakes around 7:00 am on Thursday morning. My husband gets back from working out at 7 and decided then to vacuum the car out for me. How Sweet - ugh, but I am ready to go.. Well at 8:00 am the adventure begins. The good news is that I-40 is open and ready for us to travel. I think the GPS says 13 1/2 hours. We begin, we have our little cooler with water and a few snacks and are ready. Now the box of other goodies is in the trunk with the big cooler with the favorite foods that I have cooked for Paxston. My status on facebook reads: I am not cooking for an Army, I am cooking for the Navy. I have cooked, Tuna Casserole, Enchiladas, rice & then chicken cooked in Mushroom Gravy. A great friend from church, Sharon, has made 6 dozen (HUGE) chocolate chip cookies for us too! We are set.

We did pass by the place where the rock slide was on I-40 - this gives you an eerie feeling for sure! Then it was fun the watch the GPS to see when we were getting close to being under a hundred mile mark and the hour mark. Made it much more exciting. The scenery was incredible once again. I love the mountains and as much as I loved being on the motorcycle while riding, I hate driving on them next to 18 wheelers! I thought about great friends as I passed by Ohio! Thought about a new blogger friend as we passed through Kentucky especially after seeing all those state troopers out there too! Of course passing by Indianapolis you think about Peyton Manning - go Colts! And then it's Illinois - PAXSTON.

As we are nearing Chicago, the GPS (yes the same one from the first trip - we are in the Infinity again) - starts to take us on a turn or two that is so familiar that we know its going to be trouble. It even tries to loop us around the same place twice so we decided to just follow this one road and trust that it will take us to something familiar. I know if we can just get near the train tracks that it will run to Waukegan! I have to keep telling Jordan that we are not going to get shot! Well we hit 41 which we know will take us straight to where we are suppose to be.

Time is getting close to Grey's Anatomy starting and we do not want to miss the finale. Then we see the city lights - CHICAGO. OH WOW!!! It is incredible at night and we are oohing and ahhing and don't care a bit about the TV show we are missing. Navy Pier is something else lit up at night too. We have Paxston on the phone and he is tired of hearing us squealing about how pretty everything is. It's time for him to clean before bed so we get him off the phone. Jordan starts texting Amber to find out what is happening on Greys and she is telling us it's CRAZY! We get her on the phone (glad to have bluetooth where she is all over the car.) I did have to turn her down to go through a set belt check, and then we are trying to figure out just when we will make it to the hotel to see the end. After going through several towns, we get back on I90 and there is the toll booth - it only takes coins...uh oh.. but then I remember that I have a Dollar coin left from our last trip - whew! We make it to the Econo Lodge in time to ask for the remote so we can catch the end - we stood staring at the TV for the last 10 minutes. WOW - glad I have it taped at home.

We made it! 13 hours and 45 minutes, not bad for the several stops we made, had to search for those silly bandz too! Oh and we just laughed when we turned around in the Pony Express Holiness Church parking lot!

That was Thursday. Friday will have to come a little later - we went to Six Flags. I have great pictures but will have to post when we get home. I had a blast on the roller coasters! I am loving spending time with my sailor and I am so thankful that my husband let me go! I hate that I am missing Ethan in his first speaking part in the play at the church, but Crickette will tape it for me.

Catch you soon!!!

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  1. Wow!! What a trip!!! I'm glad to see that you didn't get stopped by any state troopers!!! Hahaha!! Can't wait to see some pictures!!!

    P.S. I left you an award on my blog! :)