Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Busy Week!

I had a great Mother's Day ride, we went up in the mountains. There were seven couples and another guy. It always so much fun. I never in a million years I thought I would love Motorcycles, Mountains and Curves - all in the same sentence. I am not sure if I like going up the mountain or coming down best. But I know I LOVE it! Of course the topic of the day was my hair and how it matched my burgundy sunglasses. When we went to eat a Side Street Pizza in Tryon I had one young boy say "Whatz-up" to me and threw his hand back into a peace symbol. I laughed all the way to the bathroom. Of course it was on the chilly side but still a great ride.

I had all four of my children wish me a Happy Mother's Day. Paxston sent me a text message first and then I got a phone call from Amber (she also sent me a card). We had a great chat! Next up was Crickette (who got me a very pretty ring but gave it to me months ago because she could not wait) and then Ethan. Ethan decorated a coffee cup in Sunday School and during the church service he leaned over and said "Bet you're glad I am your son, so you could get this coffee cup!" He is so funny.

Well now it is time for me to go treasure hunting. Well I am making it sound more adventurous, I have to hunt down supplies for VBS. We are turning this place into Egypt! It's going to be so much fun and we only have 1 month to do it. Yes I am getting a bit nervous, but what VBS director doesn't. One day I had a lady on the phone and she ask me what I did - I laughed and replied. Married to the preacher, church secretary, VBS Director, AWANA leader for Sparks, Youth teacher and now getting ready to be heavily involved in the Children's Ministry. So Hmm...what don't I do? It's amazing to see how 20% of the church people are doing 80% of the work.

Have a great day!!

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  1. Oooohh motorcycles in the mountains!!!!! Scary!!! I would be way too scared to do that!! Glad you had fun though! :)

    Decorating for VBS sounds like SOOOO much fun!! I really need to get into something like that. I'm just so shy...but I love doing things like that!