Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just want to say...

I have somebody in my life that needs to know this.

You have so much Joy that you give to others, but right now, you are letting satan steal your Joy! Don't let him!! Everything is going to be okay, God is in control! I know that you are going through a storm right now, but I promise the clouds are going to part soon and you will see the sun again!
I know this is not something that you would have raised your hand for and said "Yes Lord, sign me up!", but realize that God has chosen you to walk this path. You have seen the results from others who have walked this same path, and God has blessed them for being faithful to Him while they struggled and walked through the storm.
Keep looking for the rainbow, it will show up when you least expect it and it will be incredible - as a reminder from God!

So it's time to start spreading and sharing your Joy with others! Lay everything else at the feet of God and let Him handle it! That is what He really wants you to do, stop trying to carry the burden all alone.

Know that there is somebody praying for you today!


  1. I know that wasn't meant for me, but it sure seemed like it was! It's so hard to trust God when you are going through something that doesn't seem right. However, he knows best and he is in charge!! Thanks so much for this post today! :)

  2. Thanks mom. Once again - I'm sitting here crying. I know you're 100% right, and I truly believe that God has blessings for Steven and I. And I am allowing Satan to hold me down. Sometimes it just feels easier to hold onto doubt than let go - no matter how backwards that may sound.

    I blogged today - that's at least a step in the right direction, yes?