Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Well after a great last weekend I am back at home. I just want to add that the trip home from the airport was quite interesting. From the time we got in the car till the time that we arrived home, Ethan talked the whole time. About ten minutes into the trip I ask Chris if he talked this much coming down, he said yes, the whole way and I am all talked out. When Chris was sharing with friends last night, he let them know that Ethan and I talked all the way home. Really? I didn't remember talking that much - ha ha!
Well early on I ask Ethan if he wanted to play the silent game. He quickly said no and the reason that I wanted to play was so that he would be quiet. (smart kid) Well about 30 minutes later he said we could play the quiet game. He lost the first one, then Jordan, so we are playing the third game. All of a sudden he started smacking on his gum like crazy. My reply, "Ethan stop that smacking" His reply "You lost. I knew that would work and you would loose!" Chris just busted out laughing. The mind of my six year, and yes that was pretty clever!

It's been a pretty good week and Spring Break for Ethan, so he has been at work with me all week. At least everybody else go to hear him talk too!
Today Chris said we needed to do something special for Ethan so we are taking him to see "How to Train Your Dragon". And then we will go to McDonalds for lunch. So that will be a fun day for Ethan, and he has a birthday party at 5. He told me that Katie told him that she was having an all girls party. I told him that his mother sent an invitation. He said that the only reason they invited him was so that the girls could beat him up. (does he have an imagination or what?)

I am very excited about after the party. We are going to a friends house to eat OYSTERS! Can I say I LOVE OYSTERS! Yes - RAW!!! Once I ate a whole sleeve of crackers (36) and had two oysters on each cracker and sometimes 3. My mom did tell me that Dad won every oyster eating contest that he ever entered. I have never entered a contest...

Oh I almost forgot. I saw "The Last Song" on Wednesday night. They did an incredible job, I highly recommend getting your friends together and going! Whether you read the book or not you are going to enjoy the movie. Get your tissues ready! Well I say that, knowing that I did not cry, but others did. When the movie was over Jordan looked at me and said, "You must be rubbing off on me, I didn't cry". I hope that is not a bad thing - ha ha!

So have a great weekend. Tomorrow we will be riding the motorcycles with friends! Can I say this is another thing that I LOVE to do! I did compliment Chris on how awesome his arms are looking with short sleeves on. That working out is shaping him up quite nice! (Sorry Amber, I know you are grossed out now)
No big plans for family this weekend, we will just enjoy being with the family that is at home with us. I pray you all have a great Easter!

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