Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today - I remember.....

My mother-in-law. It would have been her birthday. I just wish that everybody could have a relationship with their mother-in-law like I had with mine. There was once in 20 years that we got crossed up but it didn't last long and it was due to stress!

Annette Gulledge was an incredible woman with incredible faith! She loved God and her family and you better not mess with either one, she was always ready to defend.

I have so many great moments with her! After we got married and before we went into the ministry, I stopped by her house every day to see her. One day Chris ask me why I did it, I did not know about the ministry at the time, but I told him there might come a day when we couldn't be there each day, and I wanted her to spend as much time with her grandchildren as she could.

My treasured pictures that I know my kids will agree with were taken at Sandi's wedding. We were waiting and I took pitures with each of the kids. The other grandgirls saw what was happening so they got in on the action too. These were incredible pictures.

I know one of her great moments had to have been when she asked me to come have supper with them and bring Amber (go back and read my Birthday post about Amber for a little background). I still say that after supper that night that she faked a headache so she could get Chris to take me home. Well after that time we were not apart again! So that worked Mema!

Another moment would have been the birth of my 4th child Ethan. She and Pepa came to Charlotte for his arrival and I let her come in the room and witness the his birth. Out of ten grandchildren she got to see him. I thought that would score brownie points with her and it did!

I always loved for her to come visit so I could take her around to see where we lived and let her try out a new Wal-mart! She was amazed at how I could find everything so quick.

I had the best time planning trips for them, they were to Branson. It was even better when I was on those trips. I am sure her most favorite was when we went to Pigeon Forge and Chris got to be on stage with Barbara Bush. He was asked to do the opening prayer for the conference. Mema was very proud!

Another great day was when we were outside under her carport (we did this often) and this day we let Ethan play with the waterhose. Well he started off spraying the bushes and then started getting wet. First the shirt came off, then the shoes, then the pants till he was completely naked. He had such a good time and she laughed so hard at him that day. That was a priceless day!

Oh another story comes to mind. She always got her hair done of Fridays. Well this particular day she came home to find Paxston outside playing. And just as she gets out of the car, Paxston picks up the waterhose and hold it down on her. (He was about 3 then) Talk about a woman moving super fast!

She did get extremely mad at me once about Amber. Amber bit me on the inside of the let and before I even thought about it I bit her back on the arm, and yes I left teeth marks. Mema was so mad at me, but Amber never bit anybody again.

Crickette loved to spend time with Mema, especially to do her toes and nails and keep her manicured. (guess we should have known what was down the road for Crickette) Mema would be so proud now!

Mema loved The Bachelor. So after we moved back home to Alabama I had a date night with her each Monday night! We had the best times discussing what was going on with the Bachelor/Bachelorette and the stupid decisions they were making. She loved her reality TV. I think her alltime favortie show was White Horse Cafe. It was about line dancing and she could tell you everybody's name and what was going on in their lives. She was a hoot to be around.

So today my thoughts are about her and my prayers are with my husband, his sister and the brothers. They all have treausred memories and I pray that they hold them close to them today and won't be too sad, but remember the good and realized just how we were all blessed to have had her in our lives for as long as we did!

We love you Mema!


  1. What a sweet and wonderful post! I feel honored to get a glimpse into such special memories!! Your children will always cherish the memories and photos that they have and that's a beautiful thing! I'll be thinking about you and your family today!

    P.S. I am so going to post those Bon Jovi pictures soon! I promise!!! ;)

  2. You made me cry, and I love the pictures. Wish I had more of my kids with their great-grands.

  3. The scrapbook layout for Ethan is: Life is short - Play NAKED!

  4. Of course I'm sitting here crying like a baby. Miss her so much.

  5. Sorry! I know! This was to make you smile too!

  6. What a wonderful person Mema was. You are so lucky to have had her in your life. I know she is looking down from heaven and smiling at your lovely tribute. Blessings to you!