Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just had a thought...

Admitting that I am behind on my devotianals but also had something come to mind as I was doing the one for December 25.

Christmas is all about the birth of Christ, but we get so caught up in the comericalization of Christmas that it's easy to loose sight of what is true. I am issuing a challenge to you, and a project now for me. I think that we should all have a manger sitting next to our Christmas tree - one that is empty (doesn't have to be huge). Then when we get up on Christmas morning to open the presents and see just what we all are getting for Christmas and what was brought to us after we went to sleep, we can then see the baby in the manger and truly understand that Jesus is the greatest gift that we could get for Christmas.
JESUS...GOD'S GREATEST GIFT Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Converstaion with Ethan

Last night my family went shopping, leaving me at home. Well it was super hard to let me hand over the reigns of stuffing the stocking to my husband, but I gave him the list. My children all know that they will find toothpaste, a toothbrush, deoderant, shampoo and this type of goodies in their stocking for Christmas. So they all left after Crickette got back last night at 9:00 PM. This seems to be the magical hour this week for shopping.

Well I had to think about what I was going to do without them for a couple of hours, but I played on the computer till the battery ran out, watched some taped episodes on TV and then finished putting things back in order in the kitchen. Yesterday I cleaned out the closet in the half bath and cleaned out the drawers in the kitchen. I hung a few things on the wall that had been packed up on boxes for 2 years. Guess this means I may be staying here.

After they got back it was time for Ethan to sleep. Since his brother is home, there is no spare bed. Crickette normally stays in the basement (well there are two bedrooms and a bath down there) and right now the heat isn't fixed so she is staying in Ethan's room. So munchkin is sleeping with us. So I get into bed with him my first question was "Did Daddy buy me anything?" But I stopped him, I know Ethan will tell, but he did get out, I am not really sure... Hmm.... So he informs me that he got to play Kinect in the store and how much fun it was. So I ask him if he would rather have the Kinect more than getting WII games and he said yes! So this Christmas will really be fun. He came in the house yesterday and was all excited about the Grinch being on and basically was trying to figure out what was going to happen, and he is SO enjoying Christmas this year.  Oh, back to the conversation. I was asking him what he wanted for Christmas and he was telling me all sorts of things and then he ask - what do you want for Christmas. I told him mine was under the tree, all I wanted this year was a Cricut. Well he proceeded to tell me that I couldn't just ask for one thing for Christmas, I had to want more. That is so funny. He said don't you want other scrapbook things? So I had to tell him yes. Then he seemed to be fine. I told him we had to stop talking so I could go to sleep, he told me to just close my eyes while he talked so I could rest. That child~~

So Paxston brought out the Kinect again  last night and Crickette is now loving it. Can't wait to see Amber's moves!! This is going to be so much fun!!!

Have a great Tuesday....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Monday Morning...

Well as good as it can be. I went shopping last night at 9:30 PM - yes that is right! I went with Chris and Paxston and the main goal was to get to Toys-R-Us for Ethan's Christmas. We sent to Kohl's, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us. And I didn't get in the bed till 2:30 AM. So dragging a bit today.

Paxston was having a fit to get Ethan the Kinect for the X-Box. I must say that when we got home Paxston had to try it out and it is something else. We did play the game Dance Central

Talk about laughing - and I was the WINNER!!

We had a blast and will have more fun with the family!!

Got Paxston at the airport on Friday. I was emotional before entering the building. A busload of soldiers was getting off! We did clap for them as they came throught the airport. P was so cute in his uniform and one lady came up to him and thanked him for his service to our country!

Got had a great time with family in Alabama. Tradition had changed and we had STEAK for Christmas dinner! WOO HOO - nobody loves steak more than me. I didn't eat but two small sides so I could enjoy my steak (and a half). And yes I ate another steak for breakfast before we left!! Yum Yum.

Saturday after our family time I decided I needed to spend the money I got so off to Dothan to find me a WAR EAGLE shirt. Found one at Dick's that I loved!!

Well on the front table here is the shirt and a sign almost touching it that says $17.99.  I see another gentleman talking to a salesperson and she was telling them that they had short sleeve shirts for 17.99 but they were out. I called her over to ask about the sign in front of this shirt and the 20 shirts laying on the table. She said that they we not on sale, the sign was for S/S (short sleeved). I told her that the sign was directly in front of this shirt and how were we suppose to know the code. I thought that we should bet the shirt for 17.99. She called another girl over - her name is Catherine. Well she informed me that the shirt was not on sale. I told her that the sign was directly in front of the shirt and that looks like false advertising. Again saying that we should get the shirt for 17.99. By this time the gentleman was getting ready to leave. I looked at him and told him to get his shirt, we were getting it on sale!!! Well Catharine walks up to the counter and whatever was in her hand, she flung it at the salesperson and said (ADD ATTITUDE HERE) Fine, give it to them for 17.99. So they sold us 3 shirts for the sale price. I ask if Catharine was a manager and she said no. I will be calling the store! (I called this morning and let him know - he apologized and wanted to make sure we got it at the sale price)  As we were leaving the gentleman passed by us and pointed saying Thank You and smiled!

So we are back to "normal" if there is such a thing. I am technically finished shopping and ready to enjoy my family. I did post picutres of my ornaments on my FB page, will tell the story here a bit later.

Have a great week!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ethan gets a phone call from Santa....

On the way home Saturday, I had a friend (Deana) send me a text asking if Ethan could get a phone call from Santa, I said sure and told her to send it to the cell phone, we were traveling home.

I had to stop at the post office so I told Ethan to make sure he answered the phone if it rang. You should have seen the look on his face when I got back in the car. He was listening to the call and had the neatest smile on his face.

Now let me back up to Friday night: When we were trying to go to sleep, he ask me if Santa was real. Before I could say anthing he ask if elves were real. Then he proceedes to answer is questions and said he believed that elves were real, they just had to be.

Now back to the call: I ask him who was on the phone and his eyes lit up and he said Santa! He continued to listen. When the call was over he let me know that Santa called just for him, that he knew his name. And said that Santa knew that he was a good second grader because Amber told Santa. He said that Santa would be leaving him a new toy on Christmas morning and he had to leave milk and cookies! He was just amazed that he got the call. When it was over we were going down the road and Ethan says, "I knew he was real!"

Several times during the day he would be just smiling and then say, you know why I am so happy? I would say, "No, why?" Then he would say, "Because I got a phone call from Santa!"

This Christmas will be fun, especially when he sees that box with a big red bow and tag that says To: Ethan and his very own puppy is inside!

If you want to send a call from Santa visit:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Well Hello again!

It's been a while and yes I have been enjoying that ballgame. Gotta get Kay ready for one more poem!!

Hat's off to my Auburn Tigers for being the SEC Champions, now on to the National Championship. It will be great for Alabama to have back to back champions! And congrats to Cam Newton - Heisman winnner. I had a friend that said she didn't like my quarterbacks arrogance, I just had to remind her that we all have many faults. I have to admit, if I was that great I would be arrogant too.

After the ballgame I didn't get to go to church that Sunday because Ethan had started running a fever on Friday night. Just a low grade fever and no othr symptoms. We notice by Monday that it was only late in afternoon and night that he ran it. He missed Monday and Tuesday with school. He went to school on Wednesday but ran fever that night. After that it never came back. Must have been a virus!

I think that my vertigo is FINALLY gone. I had it for four weeks. Now it wasn't too bad. It was localized to a head tilt to the left and then laying down, so it was tolerable!

Friday night I traveled to Charlotte to Elke's to use her Cricut (mine was wrapped and under the tree) so that I could make ornaments. It was just me, Elke, Lisa and Laura. What a great time of fellowship for me.

Saturday, I had to do a little catch-up from work and get the bulletins done. After that I told Chris that we needed to do something fun with Ethan, so we went to Toy-r-us so that we could get an idea of toys for him. It was fun and he was very excited. Wow at the toys out there!!

Sunday we celebrated 24 years of marriage. After church Chris took a nap and Crickette came home from Charlotte after giving Amber a makeover. Well I decided to see if I could get the fireplace lit, we couldn't get it done on Thursday. As I was leaning over I lit the lighter, well obviosly I had too much hair product in my hair and WHOOSH - I had fire in my hair!! I dropped the lighter and clapped out the fire. Talk about the worst smell in the world! Now I know how Michael Jackson felt. Yes we got a good laugh and I told Crickette to get the scissors...time for my makeover! We also colored my hair. I love my layers.

I am so excited about this week, Paxston comes home! We pick him up at the airport on Friday and then we will head to Alabama for the weekend. It's been very cold here and we had a few flurries last night, maybe snow will come this year! Stay warm! See you later.

Gotta fill you in on the Christmas tree and Ethan's phone call from Santa - check in tomorrow!

This weekend we celebrated 24 years of marriage.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

T'was the 4th of December

USC vs Auburn Pictures, Images and Photos
T'was the 4th of December

by Kay Singletary

Twas the 4th of December, was a chill in the air
He was headed to Atlanta, flags flying everywhere
He’d come from a place that was not used to fame
They had never been champs, never placed in this game

He wanted so badly to show all his peers
To quite all their laughter, their taunting, their jeers
He was thinking he had this, no doubt in his mind
The trophy was his, he would rule all mankind

He pulled thru the gates of that great Georgia Dome
Thinking only of the victory that would soon be his own
When out of the corner of his eye he did see
The one thing that stood between him and victory

He thought to himself…oh dear Lord this can’t be,
I thought they had benched him, why’d you do this to me!
They told me that he was not eligible to play…
I’d banked on that statement from the NCAA

He turned toward the field with his heart sinking low
He wondered if he could just cancel this show
His feathers were ruffled, he couldn’t even talk
He no longer strutted, he barely could walk

He’d never felt worse, his knees almost locked
He certainly didn’t feel like a Fighting Game Cock
The sight he’d just witnessed put an end to his dream
They were tougher, and harder…. a greater ball team

Then before he could stop, he threw his visor on the ground
Old habits die hard… always find their way back ‘round
He took one more glance at that bird, so grand and regal
Raised his hand in salute, and shouted out…….WAR CAM EAGLE!!!

I sent a message to Kay and told her if she would write us another one, I would blog about it! Now all my South Carolina fans can see!! Thanks Kay!!!