Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a day!

It is beautiful outside and warming up in the house. So instead of turning on the air conditioner, it was opening up the windows and turning on the attic fan! I LOVE IT.

Again there is so much to blog about, we had a fantastic weekend at church. We had our first Missions Celebration 2010. We had 18 missionairies come to set up displays and share with the community what is going on in their lives. We had two couples stay with us.

The first couple is Ryan and Leanne Alford - Ryan was in our first youth group (yep, makes us feel old) but it is so awesome to see him in the ministry. They serve with Campus Outreach in the campus of LSU. They are just the cutest couple and we had a great time getting to know Leanne and reliving some of the great times that we were in Darlington, FL. Oak Grove Baptist Church was where we served and it was a great first church, wish all pastors could have a church this great for their first one! I still keep in touch with the youth from there, and it is so awesome seeing them still serving the Lord!

The next couple that we had staying with us were the Tessenners from Alabama. Chris met Danny at a Boat Show and Chris found out about his ministry, so he invited them to share with the great people of South Carolina. His wife, Denise is a jewel. I so enjoyed getting to know her and see just how much we had in common. She is going to get me an outfit when she goes back to India and I can't wait to rock it at church! The name of the Ministry is "Ain't God Good Ministries" and here is the link
oh and here is what the outfit will be similar to.

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  1. We used to have an attic fan and I loved it in the Spring and Fall!!!

    It is wonderful to see those seeds planted long ago in Youth Group blooming, isn't it?