Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday - we got Paxston, Saturday - Chicago

Well we were not sure of what time we were getting Paxston so we made a trip to Gurnee Mills Mall. That place is HUGE. Picked me up a super cute purse! As we kept on walking Paxston was telling us it may be 4 before he got away. I finally texted him and told him we were going to eat. (we had all planned on getting Chili's) He sent a message back to wait, he was going to ask about what time he could leave. They said he was released, so we left the mall and went to pick him up.

After getting us some lunch at Chili's we made a stop by ToysRUs so he could get Ethan a game. Then we decided we would go see Percy Jacksons The Lightening Thief. I liked the movie, but Paxston said it did not go along with the book at all. Guess I need to read the book.

We then went back to the mall and got Paxston some blue jeans. I found Ethan a Navy Brother shirt and a Navy Do-rag for Chris to wear when riding the motorcycle.

We ate at Chipolte for supper. It was a first time for me and was pretty good! Back to the room for some sleep.

Saturday - was Chicago day.
We drove to Chicago. May I say that the GPS on Paxston's phone is about as crazy as the one in Chris' car, but we made it. After make lots of turns to get back on the right road.

We ate a Bubba Gumps - was awesome. I have pictures that I will have to come back and add. I am actually in the hotel lobby posting this now. The waiter was great and had a blast asking us trivia questions. The last one he had to give us a clue on, and I am sure we look stupid as we were figuring it out. The question was what was Forest' s bus drivers name. The clue, we all had to hold hands, close our eyes, vision ourselves in Kansas, click our heals three times - DOROTHY! I got it! Ha ha.

After that we walked all the way down Navy Pier. I got to take lots of pictures of the stained glass windows, they were incredible! They also had mosaics on display - they were pretty neat too!
The best part was riding the Ferris Wheel. It made a complete revolution in 7 minutes, so I was taking pictures like crazy. The high was only 45 today, so it was pretty cold at the top and windy! I did pick up something for Crickette, but will not post what it is, she may read this! Sorry Crickette.

We left the Pier to go check out the Bean. Well there was no place to park so we just drove by and came back home. Of course we got to tour some of the "Chicago Suburbs" which were blocks of townhouses. Wow. Glad I do not live there!

We made it back to the room a bit ago and have watched Paxston's Navy Graduation on DVD. Now the plans are to run to Wally World and pick up some items he forgot and then grab something light to eat.

I am so excited about tomorrow. We are going to tour the Jelly Belly factory! Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a really fun week-end! Enjoy the windy city!

    I tagged you in my post today.