Friday, March 26, 2010

And I thought the trip

would be uneventful because we were flying.
Well well....

Okay, Atlanta airport is an interesting place for sure. We saw lots of different looking people. When we first arrived we saw a group of soldiers - we pretty awesome! After we were walking near security we heard the crowds clapping and cheering for them - how great! Made me want to run back and join in.
As we were sitting there lots of interesting people we walking back an forth. The strangest looking were the chicks in matching furry boots, but in different colors. Looked like they might be a part of some "I want to really draw attention to myself" club! They were not on the plane with us. We did have quite a chuckle after discovering the vending machines. I was getting my Chex Mix and as I leaned down to get them, I banged my head on the glass. This was too funny.
I would be very interested to know how much their recycling trash cans that were placed every five feet apart cost. It said on the can for you to just throw it in and they would do all the sorting. After tossing in my gum, I noticed it just looked like a trash compactor to me - how does that sort?
So next it is on to the plane. The captain told us it would be a bumpy ride. I was the crazy one taking pictures out the window. It was so beautiful! The ride wasn't too bad. And about an hour away from Chicago the captain comes on to tell us that we are ahead of schedule and that we would be landing about 23 minutes sooner than planned. Loved it that he told us that the weather would be rainy and then said sorry - I don't control the weather! Well as we were starting to descend some crazy woman decided to spray perfume - REALLY! I thought I was going to throw up! Of course I made a few comments that I hope she heard. The landing was the roughest part of the trip, but it wasn't enough to hear the woman have to take the Lord's name in vain behind us. We get to the airport ahead of schedule to find out that we have to sit on the runway for 25 minutes, therefore making us later getting in than expected. Oh well. I am still coughing from the smell! And as we were leaving I told the stewardess that maybe they should tell the next passengers that they don't need to spray their perfume before they land, she just looked at me and said have a nice day. REALLY - I think I may be giving Delta a call!
We got our Ford Focus and head to the hotel. Very nice Econo Lodge other than the fact that we have only 7 channels on the TV. So we decide at 8:00 that we will go watch Vampire Diaries in the lobby. Well all was well till this strange man (possible been drinking) decided to come use the computer and think that since we were sitting at the table next to him that he needed to be nice and talk to us. Then he made a comment about us being texters (we were texting each other about him).
We left as soon as previews were over so we could go watch Grey's on one of the channels that we could . It was a great day and we were excited about what Friday was going to hold for us.
That story will follow...

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