Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Friday? Where did the week go?

Well, I can't believe that this week had come and gone, and I was so looking forward to Monday.

Ethan was too funny today when I picked him up from school. I ask him about PE - (I will fill you in later) and he said no he didn't even get called down once, then he proceeded to tell me the principal was the coach today. So I really need to go speak to him and see how that was.

You see on Monday I had a little visit with principal. I got a phone call last week about Ethan having problems - I was told that "by law, I can't kick him out of class", and that just didn't settle to well with me. After all last year I heard "It's pretty much the Ethan show". So now I am wondering if my child is actually the worst child in the school - which I know he is a little hyper but not AWFUL! Well principal reassures me that nobody hates my child and he will see what is going on. Can't wait since he had hands on directly with Ethan today.

Mrs. Rowe was out sick today so I ask Ethan about his substitute teacher. He said she was boring, they didn't get to do anything like they normally do. He loves Mrs. Rowe!

Tomorrow should be fun, we are signing Ethan up for t-ball. I so hope this goes better than when Paxston was in FL in a league. They let some of the older boys hit off the tee when they shouldn't have, and Paxston took a ball to the forehead, pretty much wound up his ever wanting to play ball again. He was only 5.

Later in the afternoon we get to go see Amber. Just found out that we will be having Spaghetti - How awesome! I am a little sad, the plate that I made for Amber did not get fired, so she will have to get it later. But I won't be going empty handed, so maybe she will like the other goodies I have for her.

Not real excited about the time changing and losing that hour. I think I may just have to go find that hour of sleep right now, it's raining and yucky right now and curling up on the couch would be perfect! So until we meet again....


  1. I do like your blog! It is as cute as can be and I just enjoy reading the day to day stuff! Thanks for stopping my blog and giving me those encouraging words. I will occasionally update my progress with the walking and jogging. Thanks again for your prayerful thoughts! God bless you and your family!

  2. Love the picture mom. Can't wait to see it in person!