Saturday, March 13, 2010


So it's going to be a busy one. So excited!!

But first I wake up to no cable. Chris and I were sitting in the living room wondering, what do you do with no TV? And something is messed up with my video cables so no DVD to watch movies either. HMM...
I call the cable company, after calling neighbors to see if they have cable. Wonder if the bill was paid...then remembered I have internet and phone, so bill paid. HA HA. It took only about 30 minutes and somebody was out here. WOW! Go Chesnee Cable! Well he checked all connections to house, and said it must be at the road, had somebody with the bucket coming over. After I see cable back on my TV he comes back over. Guess what - somebody CUT our cable line. His comment was - it was a clean cut, no knife, just somebody walked up to it and cut it. Somebody must have it out for the preacher. WHO DOES THAT? Maybe they really didn't know if was to my house. All that matters is that it is working now. And they did it last night. We just didn't realize it till this morning. Chris said it went out just after 10:30. Chickens! Can't even cut a wire in broad daylight? Scared you might get caught?

Okay, enough ranting about crazier people than me!
Getting ready to take Ethan to t-ball sign-ups. Ethan ask me a while ago "what kind of questions is the coach going to ask me?" HUH? This child's mind. WOW.

After that we get to go to Waxhaw and see Amber. Excited about her making supper for us, and it's her birthday supper. I probably should have invited her down. Sorry Amber! I love you!

Hope you all have a great Saturday. The rain is gone and the sun is shining!! Too bad I can't go riding on the motorcycle. It is a perfect day. Maybe next week. Ready to feel the wind blowing in my hair all snuggled up to my husband on the bike. Bet it will ride smoother with 100 pounds less on it! Yes 100 pounds - my husband has lost 68 and 25 for me - since July.

until we meet again....


  1. 1st WOW...100 lbs!!! Y'all lost almost a whole person. Way to go. I have been working hard since mid January to get myself healthier. Honestly, it isn't about the # on the scale (though I do get quite the kick out of the new numbers I have been seeing LOL) but I just am at one fo those magical "0" ages that kind of got my attention and made me think if I don't get this body in order now it is only going to get harder. Y'all keep up the good work and enjoy the fruits of your labor together.

    On to the that is just weird!!! That would probably drive me nuts wondering about it. Several years ago someone flipped the outside breaker on our house in the middle of the afternoon (when we were home). I actually didn't realize there was even an outside breaker to be flipped (go figure). All my neighbors had power and I ended up having the power company come out. They checked and said it had been manually flipped and not caused by a power surge or anything. Kind of freaked me out because the kids and I were home that afternoon. I have no clue who or WHY anyone would do something so silly. Oh, well...some folks need a hobby!!!

    Enjoy your T-ball fun...both my boys are baseball boys with my oldest DS playing for 2 different teams and youngest plays for one (so if you are looking for me, I am most likely found at the ball park!). Tball is such a cute age as they are figuring this whole thing out.

  2. WOW Stacy! 100 pounds! Way to go to both you and Chris! Wes and I are also loosing weight - he has lost 25 pounds and I have lost 8. It's sad, but men do loose faster than women! We have been working on it for about 4 weeks now. My dad and I joined Weight Watchers together. He lost 11.5 pounds the first week. We have our second weigh in tonight. Lets pray the he is continuing to drop the pounds...he has about 150 pounds to go! (I only have about 30). It's taken me a long time to get him motivated, so I am hoping that he will stick with this but 11.5 pounds in the first week should be motivation enough!

    Good luck with T-ball!