Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Well to me it doesn't mean the same as it does to everybody else. This is a day that my heart hurts, because I miss my mom so much! This was my mother's birthday. So I have to think back on the happy times and remember all the fun that she and I had. This year is 9 years since she passed away and went to be with the Lord! That is what gives me most comfort on today. So I want to share her with you today. Cancer not only gave us a chance for her to come live with us and share more time with us, but it was cancer that made her realize that she didn't have Christ in her life and she finally surrendered it all to Him! Her baptism was awesome with her bald head and all!

She was an incredible woman. My father (who ablsolutely adored her) passed away when I was only 13 months old. My mom was only 27 years old when she became a widow. They had only been married for four years.

It was always us! One Christmas she came to visit us in Memphis and I made her a journal of all the stories that I could remember of her and I doing. At one point I told her if she thought the story happened another way that she could write in the margins her version of the story. She said it was one of her treasured possessions, that along with an 11x14 collage of Rusty Wallace's racecar and pictures of each of her grandchildren in the drivers seat! She LOVED Nascar and got me hooked in it too. But I must add that after she passed away it's not quite the same. She would make me climb up in that hospital bed with her and watch the race.

Now I will have to dig out photos and scan them for you. I think I would like to share more of their story, after all that is where I got alot of my personality traits from. Before mom passed away I use to love hearing how much I was like my daddy, now I also like to hear I am like my mom.

I do pray that you all have a Happy Valentine's Day. Remember those who you love, treasure your times today and know that there is a story in the making. You make the best love story of all.

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  1. I know how you feel. We buried my gfather on 2/14 three years ago. We were very close & I miss him very much. Now my gmother has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer.