Monday, February 8, 2010

The Trip to Great Lakes... part one

When it was mentioned to me that we would take the Infinity to Great Lakes, I was thinking only of how much money we would be saving in gas. The thought did cross my mind about luggage (remember two teenage girls going) and where exactly that would go. Well here is how the trunk looked after packing. My husband reminded me that I do a great job so I could just work my magic. There is a large suitcase, two large duffle bags, a suit bag, lots of shoes, a computer and twelve pack of drinks, along with our heavy coats in here! This is not a large trunk!

So packed in the car we begin the journey and it is 6:00 PM - just before we leave we decided to look up on Mapquest directions other than taking I-40 since the road is still closed. We do see it takes us through Charlotte, so I say - no problem, once we get on the road the GPS will recalculate and all will be well. May I add that built in GPS units have a mind of their own. 45 minutes north of home and the stupid thing is still trying to get us to turn around and go back the other way. We have to call up our son-in-law and ask them to look up directions for us.

All is well, the girls are listening to their music on ipod and phone and Ethan is listening to the Backyardigans - no headphones. A somewhat normal trip, but we are realizing that where Mapquest said 13 hours, this trip was going to take WAY MORE TIME! After 5 hours and several toll roads, and a few tunnels, we decided to stop for the night in Barboursville, West Virginia.

The morning begins and we realize that we have low tire pressure so off to a service station before we get on the road, finding the station was fine, finding an air machine that worked, was not. Two stations were out of air, finally we find one and then Chris want's to get the car washed. So yes, we go through a car wash, and not a very good one for $7 may I add. Okay, back on the road again and we are all enjoying the sights. We stopped in Ohio and ate GoldStar Chili - haven't had that in a while! Exciting going through Indianapolis and just past there where we see windmills! Rows and rows and rows of them! So awesome. Oh, I haven't mentioned that we left about 7:00 am, we realize by the GPS that it will now take another 10 hours to get there. We are thinking no problems, we check in the hotel at 5:00 (which is 4:00 their time) and we still have time for the meet and greet for parents and family of the sailors.... This story will take way to long to read if I finish today, so I will continue a little later, I promise the best is yet to come!

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