Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting it all together

That sounds like a plan doesn't it? Well now I just have to make it happen. I have so many things to finish blogging about; The time after Paxston graduated, the trip to Chicago, the day we had to leave Paxston, and then the next weekend which consisted of Chris and I going with 11 other couples to Pigeon Forge, TN for the weekend.

We came back, life happens as it always does and here I am getting ready to go back to Pigeon Forge for two nights, come back home for my first military funeral here at the church and then get ready for a Missions Celebration the next weekend at our church. I will have two couples staying in our house that weekend.

Now why I am a little stressed? Because I still have two Christmas trees with no decorations still waiting for me to put them away. I need to go down to Paxston's room and put it all in order so that one couple can stay there. Oh, I didn't mention that I am doing the Missions Celebration book with all the missionaries and organizations in it. There were problems with the data disc, then the new church computer came in, I hooked it up, got it running and then couldn't get some programs running and here I am needing to finish this book by Thursday. Hmmm.... oh yea, my father-in-law may have his knee replaced tomorrow, so we will be heading to GA. And we just had a church member's mom pass away and another family is waiting, Hospice gave them 48 hours 4 days ago...

I am just a wee bit overwhelmed, but I know, that right now I am getting ready to put clothes in the wash, think I will tackle one downstairs room to make room for the trees (this door can be locked) and then it will be a Kick and Sculpt class tonight, guess then it will be rest and then get back up in the morning at 5:00 AM to head to the gym....and then wait to see if we go to GA.

So if you have nobody to pray for, shoot one my way!! Until we meet again....

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  1. Hi Stacey! Thanks for visiting my blog today! To answer your question, yes, I am AuburnChick as in WAR EAGLE, Auburn! Woo Hoo!

    You have a lovely blog, and I look forward to reading more from you!!