Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Trip to Great Lakes...part two

Okay, remember me telling you about the GPS, well as we are nearing Chicago, she is tell us to make a few turns, now these turns are not considered major roadways in our books. We are now going under the main highways and realizing that there are no cars anywhere! Then to top it off they have the roads blocked for the entrances back to the major road. The sun is starting to set and we have given up on being at the hotel for the meet and greet.

As we are nearing Chicago we past a building that is about six stories high and has the Logo from the store Sears on it. As we past we hear the words, "Is that the Sears Tower?" come from the back seat. Yes, we all got a laugh out of that one. Now we are back on what seems to be a normal road, number one because again we have to pay a toll. We are seeing cars around us and the next thing you know, blue light special - yes we are being pulled over! Well to make the day more interesting we are 30 miles from the airport still and we realize that in 30 minutes Amber's plane is going to land. Hmm... the hotel is still 45 minutes on the other side of the airport...
Hello officer - no we're not sure of how fast we were going, we thought the speed limit was 65, oops it's not? Oh - well we are so confused by the GPS, we are trying to get to the hotel and drop some of us off and then get back to the airport to pick up our daughter, our son graduates tomorrow from Navy boot camp. Well thank you officer, for giving us a warning for not using our blinkers when changing lanes. We will be more mindful of this!

Back on the road again. Now we see that there can be a very big problems. There is no way that we can get to the hotel and then Chris come back to pick up Amber without her waiting for over an hour and a half. So, yes I suggest we just pick her up at the airport. We can put Ethan across their laps and I will just carry her suitcase. We change the course of the GPS to the airport and are on our way, which it technically was going past it anyway. So we park, get out and go inside to get Amber. Imagine her surprise when she sees the whole welcoming committee! If we had only had markers and a posterboard, we really would have made her a sign. Now you can see her mind is spinning about how we are all going to get back to the hotel. She has been making comments all week about us going on the Infinity!

The fun begins. Girls are in the back seat with Ethan across their laps. I have the suitcase in my lap and we are off. Ethan is covered by the blanket so he can't be seen. All of a sudden we smell the worst smell in the world! They want me to roll down the windows, but I am sure the smell has to be outside and it will get in the car even worse. Then Ethan starts laughing - guess what - that smell is coming from him! The windows are rolled down for fresh air! Headed down the road we hear this sound like something is hitting the car, well come to find out it is my coat, hanging out the door. Yes those inside are laughing at me like crazy - hey, try getting in the car, hoisting a suitcase in your lap and then try to close the door! So again we are headed back to the hotel, then our GPS is now telling us to turn around, hmm, I am wondering, why would we be going back to the airport instead of out of the city? Well I am sure that I hit the address to the hotel, but the airport address in where we are headed (do you know how much I hate this woman in the GPS?). So after pulling off in a parking lot, setting the GPS (AGAIN) to the hotel address, we are off! The sight of the city at night was beautiful. Gets us excited about coming back on Saturday. Amber and I both are thinking more of our blogs than anything else!

I have posted the Graduation ceremony so next will come our adventure after the ceremony! There is never a dull moment with the Gulledge family!

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