Friday, June 4, 2010

The Mountain

Wow, I don't know if I can get all that is inside me out on here...and I probably should not so I am going to give you a snippet!

I think we have all been in this place but we just don't want others to know about it. So here goes, so you can see that you are not alone and it will be okay! Eventually!

I had just gotten to the point that I felt like I was making a little bit of lead way on the way back up the mountain, when I turned to look behind me and WHAM! I was kicked between the shoulders and I am falling down again. This time it feels as though I am hitting every rock and boulder on the way down. As I am falling all I can think is I am so ready to land at the bottom, where I can feel the waters running over my body. The waters would be the healing hands of God, where as cold as this mountain water is, it will also be refreshing to my body to heal the aches and pains of falling. It will be there where I can draw strength to stand back up again and begin the climb. My eyes must continue to be focused on the top, where there I can stand again with my arms stretched upwards and praising God for all that He has brought me through.

I know that we do not stand at the top very long, for if we did, we would get complacent and get to a place where we do take our eyes off of God and focus on us and then we think that we can do everything on our own, which we should know from experience (bumps and bruises) that we cannot! Always remember that the fruit grows in the valley and where the river can nourish us and and feed us with everything that we truly need.

So as you and I are picking ourselves up at the bottom on of the mountain, know that there is hope, there is peace and there is comfort on every place of the mountain, even when we think that there is none. God wants us to take hold of His hand. You see we took our hands away from His and that is how we were able to fall so far back down. If we have been holding on we probably would have only stumbled and not tumbled.

Hold on tight, for the journey ahead is worth the climb! And the view that God is going to allow us to have is incredible. So keep looking up and keep climbing. Pray for me and I will pray for you!


  1. Wow how the music goes with post. First it was "I will Rise" and now "You Raise Me Up"! Conformation from God that all is going to be fine!

  2. I'm so moved... You know I'm praying for you every day. I miss ya'.... we need a girls' night out!

  3. Hey Girl!
    I've had you on my mind...and in my prayers! How wonderful that I was able to read this post you wrote...and get so much encouragement! This is a great and true word that you have written! Thanks...and I'm blessed to be able to call you Friend!!!
    I have a praise...we bought our tickets for India this week...leaving Sept 21st! PTL!!!
    Love and Prayers! Denise T.