Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I really am alive....

But my body thinks it on it's way out! I am in my second week of working out again! The fun part is I am doing this with Crickette! So we are an encouragement (ha ha) to each other. We are working out with four other women, who have been at this for 6 weeks before us. Our trainer decided that instead of having to swap the weights back and forth, he would just start us out with the rest of them, and doing the same amount of reps as them too...so needless to say I am SORE!!!

I have to admit, things are crazy around here, but I realize everybody has crazy in their lives too!

This past Sunday I went to my first NFL game!! We have friends that go tickets for FREE and took us with them. Just so happened to be seeing the Carolina Panthers - and we know how I LOVE CAM NEWTON!! WOO HOO. I only took 210 pictures on Sunday. Here a few that I posted on FB. Will have to pull others off the camera and share. October is Breast Cancer awareness month and I think it is neat how the players wear pink too! I am supporting my pink streak again!! The firefighters holding the flag all had on pink t-shirts.

The weekend before I got to go to the Auburn/South Carolina Game! That was so much fun. Went with friends from Charlotte. It was a better time for me since Auburn won! You will notice all my friends are not Auburn fans!!

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  1. Hey Stace
    Congrats on working out! I've been trying to go to the gym but the past month seems like there is always something that keeps me from going or either I'm too tired.
    I thought of you Saturday when Bama played the Tigers in the Iron Bowl.
    RTR and War Eagle LOL ;-)